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Hello to all :)

Just thought I'd say hello as a new member to the group and add that I am delighted to have found a little "not so serious" section of a-web and its great to see some familiar names from the main Any Answers area hanging out in here.

As someone now entering into what I like to call " the Victor Meldrew" phase of her life I find that the main area does not always get what I think of as my delightfully funnily, sarcastic view on "stuff" that is going on in and around the world of accountancy and tax or just professional life in general.

So to find this group has brought a smile to my face in that I can do the helpful techie accountant comment on the main section and then pop in to here to vent, discuss or  just have a few minutes of pondering my naval.

Looking foward to getting to know you all a bit better.






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Kindred spirits ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... always welcome.

But what kept you, 3 years and 1 week, hope you get your accounts done quicker :P

Glad you're in Glasgow, I wouldn't want a "kiss" for being cheeky ;o), although up to Aberdeen Thursday - they tell me summers arrived there at last, they're down to 3 jumpers, ankle length wellies and just need storm proof jackets now.

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Careful OGA

johnjenkins | | Permalink

ShirleyM might get jealous.

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Thanks for the welcome OGA,

fpurves | | Permalink

Thanks for the welcome OGA,
Sure you will have fun in Aberdeen, and as term as finished the 80,000 students who study there, of which I was one, should now have gone home... Which should make getting to the bar a whole lot easier.

Unfortunately the weather up here north of old hadrians wall is, as normal, rather " dreicht". Though if is stops raining and the temperatures rise above 13 degrees then you have hit is lucky as that is officially shorts and t- shirt weather here.

Oh and finally HUGE thanks re the heads up re accounts turnaround times... Always did wonder why clients were having " a wee studies" . I will take this on board and try my best to improve things going forward :D

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John ..

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... you do know what a Glasgow kiss is don't you? I would hope ShirleyM would be more concerned than jealous.

I remember one of my favourtie Billy Connolly jokes, to misquote, when a Scot goes on holiday to the sun, they have to go for a fortnight, it takes them a week to get white! :o)

Don't know about fun, two clients there now, too busy for fun or beer!

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lol John

ShirleyM | | Permalink

I know what a Glasgow kiss is, and it is comparable to Nora's rolling pin :)

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I thought that was

johnjenkins | | Permalink

a Glasgow handshake.

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Glasgow Kiss - it's a sewing technique

Democratus | | Permalink

"Can yer ma sew?"


"Tell her to stitch that"

Oh and welcome fpurves. There's all sorts here. you would have to be really odd not to fit in.



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