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Help, I think I'm turning ...

... in to Victor Meldrew.

This is prompted by becoming engulfed with rage yesterday when it suddenly hit me, why do I have to select Enlish (UK) on my computer. I am English, my language is English, it does not need to been suffixed by "UK".

Yes, the other forms of English do need such suffixes because they are by definition not English and need to be identified, but the term English means just that and needs no further explanation!

I only assume I must have contracted Euro Fever!



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... maybe ...

ShirleyM | | Permalink

... because Windows is an American invention and they put their country mates first, so they define English (UK) to prevent the 'bright sparks' from accidentally choosing the incorrect version?


accountright | | Permalink

I think you may have started something here!

Did you know yesterday was a palindromic date (21612) but not in America as they insist on writing the date backwards!



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ShirleyM | | Permalink

You are encouraging us, too :)

When I chat on the internet I often get Americans telling me that I spell things incorrectly!!!!

I also find their common use language omits some vital words ... like please & thank you!

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I love palindomic dates ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... and all things like that.

I have a number of US based clients and that date thing infuriates me, I always right the month in words so as not to confuse them :o)

I tend to agree with Shirley, but was too polite to voice that opinion, being a southerner who calls a spade a hand held digging implement.


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But then what is English

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

OGA - true unadulterated English is probably only spoken by a few bods in Cornwall, the rest of us speak a hotch-potch of Latin-Greek-French-Saxon-Norman with the occasional topping from elsewhere...init.


accountright | | Permalink

....the best americanism I have ever heard is "a negative profit"



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Surely ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... English is the common language spoken by English people, hence the name.

Funnily enough, we were discussing this at the weekend (I know, we have FUN parties!) and the poiny was raised that by corrupting (simplifying) accepted spelling so the Americans could use them had the negative effect of loosing the link between the word and its root. Our spelling is such as it is for a purpose, and if proper attention were spent on teaching words and where they come from properly, it would actually make future learning easier.

As an aside, got more than a little cross with question time last night. As someone with a son in the middle of GCSE's I think thereis so much myth and rumour about the qualification.

The point missed, hence my ire, was not that they are easy, they are not easy and the kids have to work damn hard to get good grades, but, essentially they are busy fools because they way they are taught, with the prime goal of producing good results for the school is so off beam - they should be being taught to learn, The good point that is raised is that the gap between GCSE's and A Levels is a big as it has been.

Ruth Lea made the point, backed brilliantly by Julie White, that we need to get away from this academic push towards universities and aim towards the European model where practical and academic qualification are held in equal esteem, and back that up with proper apprentice based training, not the joke system the last government introduced that just promised false hope to our bright young stars.

As Julie White said, we castigate as lowly the trades, but we need them for society to work, they are as important, if not more so than the big city high fliers, so why do we denigrate them so? This view is not helped by unionist dinosaurs Like Len McCluskey constantly making class distinctions that really only exist in the mind of such people.

If you didn't see, here is a link - if you don't want to watch, at least watch from 34.5 minutes, the point made by the chair of the college being especially well made about celebrating differences. 

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This thread is "totes amazballs"

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This is English (SX) apparently.

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