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Here we go again!

Just noticed the HMR&C website is down for "updating" from 7.00am Saturday 8th to 6.00am Tuesday 11th October. 

What do you think will not work properly when it is switched back on again?


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Actually, this one might be welcomed by the profession

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I'm guessing that one of the things that will be working is the correct tax rate for post-31 March 2011 Corporation Tax filings.

This has been winding up legions of members over the summer as correctly compiled CT600s have been spat back at them because HMRC's computers couldn't accept the new 27% rate for the current financial year.

Thanks for alerting us to the update - I'll have a word with HMRC and see if they'll tell us what features are being worked on.

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If you can't beat them, join them    1 thanks

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What do you think will not work properly when it is switched back on again?

How long before "someone" suggests - "HMRC"

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BKD wrote:

What do you think will not work properly when it is switched back on again?

How long before "someone" suggests - "HMRC"



That would imply that they are working properly now.


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Some iXBRL snags to watch for

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In the absence of any formal exclusion lists, Digita's iXBRL expert Graham Tilbury has been compiling a list of snags he's come across in the CT Online filing system. It's a good way to alert HMRC's developers about what needs attention, but without too much information coming out of HMRC about what will be updated, it's anyone's guess whether they are all fixed over the weekend.

So if you want to start running an HMRC upgrade bingo card, here are a few options for you to look for:

  • Dates - system unable to validate months entered in capital letters, eg 31 DECEMBER 2010
  • Subsidiary Companies some "generic dimensions" that are used in two different places are causing problems, for instance in the IFRS Related Parties note and UK-GAAP Consolidation notes. The only work-around for this is to not tag the information. (Wish I knew enough about this one to explain it properly! - JS)
  • Overseas branch accounts - often don't include data required for mandatory tags. "Will HMRC now encouraging PDFs instead?" writes Tilbury.
  • Variations in accounts and tax details – minor changes in things like company names can cause cross-checks of accounts and tax data to fail.

Don't forget that from Tuesday you should also be able to file any post 31 March returns that refer to the 26% Corporation Tax rate. More details here.

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Companies House

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If you are using HMRC to file both you should be aware of the warnings that filings will fail under certain circumstances like specific characters and unapproved abbreviations of names. 

Probably wise to review now as effective from 1 September and I am not sure how the rejection will be advised - if at all.


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Well something is working as there is a new item in Self Assessement called "view PAYE coding notices"

the only down side of this is that when you go in to view, you get a statement saying there are no PAYE notices to view!

right arm v left arm again



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Polly ...

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... I wouldn't expect them to make historic documents available, that could be costly for limited benefit, but hopefully going forward they will appear there!


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I checked with HMR&C and apparently they are making 3 years of PAYE notices available for view.

here's hoping!


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2010/11 would be fine ...

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... 99% of differences on tax returns are where clients haven't given me the coding notice so I am ignorant of tax from earlier years coded out!

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