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HMRC being unhelpful

A year ago I asked for a small refund that HMRCs website said was due.

They said they would get back to me within two weeks. A year later nothing has happened and my client has still not received a refund.


Today, I phoned HMRC dedicated agent line and they said they don’t know why my client hadn’t had the money. I asked to speak to somebody who did know. They said they could only get somebody to call me back. I said that was what I was told a year ago. I asked to make a complaint. They said they could give me an address for complaints. I said I wanted to speak to them in person. They said they would get their manager to phone me today to see if my complaint should be passed to complaints!

I get the impression there’s going to be a lot of time wasted on this.


more like obstructive

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I have been trying to get a CIS refund of 18k from 2008/9 from them

Have had to send copies of documents to three different offices as they moved the file arround and lost the paperwork

Finally received a letter from them dated 13 Dec saying refund was on the way but by Christmas still not arrived.

Suggest the client deducts the refund from any further tax due and let the revenue sort out the statement, if anything ever becomes due, as you will be chasing your tail for ever and a day trying to get action out of them.





HMRC unhelpful

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 In my opinion the very last thing that you should do is to complain. It takes up your time , their time and gets you nowhere.  It certainly will not hasten the repayment and is more likely to delay it even further.  To get the repayment within days all that is necessary is to contact an Agent Account Manager (via the HMRC website).



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The problem usually revolves around authorisation ( to whom the refund should be made). In the case of SA100's there is a clear direction from the client.Or not, as the case may be. But, for example, in the latest round of PAYE refunds, that precedant means nothing to HMRC and refunds are made to the taxpayer, REGARDLESS of whether that client's other refunds are made to their agent. . Simplest solution? Get the client's authority to change their address to your address. That way, you have covered all eventualities.  It works for me.

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