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HMRC discrimination

Why is it HMRC will pander (quite rightly I might add) to the physically less able, the visually impaired, the hard of hearing, those who don't speak the language of their chosen country etc, but when it comes to penalties, the fact some clients are hard of understanding is not accepted and no leeway given, espacially with regard VAT and trying to understand the gobbledegook in their notices?

Just an observation as I sup my afternoon cuppa (Yorkshire tea of course) and munch a choccy digestive or 6 before calling it a day and heading for the hills!

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That's cos

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HMRC aren't as rich as you OGA. I wonder what our clients would do if we penalised them everytime they didn't comply with our rules and regs and health and safety standards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Now there's a thought ...

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... I'll work on that as I chase my mutt over the South Downs in a while and see if I can come up with a penalty structure, it would compliment my MLR risk assessment form quite well, the main gist of which is as follows, a tick against all or any precluding me acting for them:

  1. Are their eyes too close together (or do their eyebrows meet in the middle)?
  2. Do they speak with an Eastern European or Irish accent?
  3. Do they look like they need a shave (especially if female)?
  4. Can they sit down properly (or does the bundle of cash in their wallet make this tricky)?
  5. Does the current plate Mercedes they arrived in compare well to the <£10,000 profit in their last accounts?
  6. Ditto when you "Street View" their gaffe? (assuming it can be seen from the road!)
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