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HMRC Nil Returns

Anyone else had this problem?

client ceased in Partnership 09/10 but small amount od self employment 10/11.

Notice to deliver was issued and we did the 10/11 return and submitted online, refund fo £1200 due.

Cleint calls to say refund not received, look on HMRC portal to find it says return received a week BEFORE we submitted and no liability.

Call agent line and told nil return submitted, so where is the return I submitted?

Now had call back advising as the partnership had ceased someone had "worked a list" and noted return as nil. (Reference to Zing here for any ex-HMIT staff). they will remove the nil signal and I can submit the return online tomorrow. no I can;t I say, I submitted the return 10 weeks ago, the software won't allow me to submit the same return again, and there is no amendment to make. in anycase it is due its original filing date, is it not?

They are "thinking about it" and will call me back.


Meanwhile if this was a little old lady who doesn't need to be in SA they'd no doubt insist I sent in a tax return because one had been issued.


nil returns

ralan | | Permalink

Just had a call this morning from a client who finished work here 5 April 2009, did his 2008/9 Return and filed online. He then told me in June that he had not worked since 6 April 2009 and was going back to Spain.

He filled in a P85 and sent it to Revenue telling them he was leaving 4 June 2009

He has received late filing penalties for 2010 and 2011 Returns and even though Agent Help Line acknowledge they have P85 and my letter of 3 October 2011, when I received a copy of one of the penalties, telling them this.

 We still have to file nil Returns for the two years instead of them doing the easy thing and setting it as no tax return due."As he could have some income between 6 April 2009 and when he left 4 June 2009".

I thought these people on the Help Line were supposed to help!!!

I now have to send Returns to Spain and when I get signed pages back file them and penalties will be reduced to nil.

What a farce and we are supposed to "work together" with this shambolic lot, glad when I retire in a couple of years, or earlier if I really get p****d off with their antics.

next year & lost requests to submit

pauljohnston | | Permalink

Under the new regime would you get the £100 back?

We have just been sucessful for our clients in getting penalty notices over turned.  HMRC's request that Returns are not submitted with out a UTR was our clients undoing.

In this case the first partnership return / request to submit was never received by our client and HMRC raised a penalty on both partners (Members).  The first time we had the UTR was on the penalty notice.  It was an expensive time in costs and time as the first appeal was refused and we had to write to the Northern Island address, it looked at one time that we may have had to head to tribunal.

So if we dont have a UTR in future I shall submit in paper.  I hope this tale helps others.



Chris Wise | | Permalink

Well after just over a week HMRC called back, they have found the submitted return and put it on the system and the refund should be on its away to the client.

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