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Please can we try to start a new dialogue, it is not showing on my list of open issues, in respect of Revenue issuing non-essential mass mailouts during January. As most codings are electronically received now I believe corrections can be made much later in the year than was previously the case.

I received notification from a charity I assist yesterday saying they were inundated with crys for help and were having trouble just managing to call back to see if assistance was needed. Only some of those problems will relate to 31/1 issues but how to find them in time if it takes a week to get back to them?

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I had a call from a client saying he had received a coding notice. Not showing online! Nice and helpful!

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HMRC take the biscuit

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We do not need PAYE payslip booklets, electronic filing instructions etc arriving until February!

My wife just got her 2nd

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My wife just got her 2nd coding notice in 2 weeks; the first one was for this year to give a refund, then other one for next year.

It is that hard for the HMRC to calculate both at the same time, and therefore safe the cost of postage?

Should the default on the on-line tax form now be to pay any refund by bank transfer?  I find it hard to believe that the total cost of sending a coding notice and an employer acting on the notice is less than the cost of a bank transfer.


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WE have one client who

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WE have one client who steadfastly refuses to have an online bacs refund. Always a cheque..i just don't understand!!

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I, too, attempt to have cheques sent to my clients who are due a repayment.  I remember a dialogue not so long ago on AW where HMRC had made a repayment and the taxpayer had paid important overdue bills with it only to find that HMRC had taken the repayament  back for "checking" repaying it once more some 4 days later - causing untold grief to the taxpayer.  If they have bank account information like this what is to stop them repeating this?  Me? I am old enough not to trust anyone, especially HMRC - I read the AW posts and have been the victim of an outright lie only last year. Cynical? You bet I am!


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No trust    1 thanks

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0098087 wrote:

WE have one client who steadfastly refuses to have an online bacs refund. Always a cheque..i just don't understand!!

I have a client like that. He thinks the fewer people who know his bank details the better.

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Same here @The AncientOne    1 thanks

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I read the same post, and now always have clients refunded by cheque unless they specifically request bank payment.

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Giving HMR&C a clients bank details.

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  DO NOT DO IT.....ask for a cheque...why open your client to the foibles and trickery I now associate with ALL HMR&C dealings...NOT to be trusted!

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