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How did you choose your trading name?

I love that accountancy firms names are moving away from the traditional surname or partners combination.

Some names seem to fall into some of the following categories:

*  Chosen with search engine optimisation and internet marketing in mind ie; accountant-location

*  Chosen with a business sector in mind

*  Chosen with a brand image in mind - cost/friendly/highly technical/modern etc

So how did you choose your trading name?  


I spent a long time thinking about this    1 thanks

Sarah P | | Permalink

I wanted a name that would have a local connotation of you were local, but didn't seem too parochial if you were talking to someone elsewhere in the UK.  Took a while to think of something!

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Originally we registered the    1 thanks

miketombs | | Permalink

Originally we registered the name 'Solara' as we were moving from South Africa and wanted at least something to remind us of sunnier climes. As it happened it became irrelevant as we joined a franchise network so we traded with the franchise name anyway.

When we regained our independence we didn't want either of the words Tax or Accountancy in the name as that seemed to limit what we were offering to the basic compliance services. After literally weeks of throwing names around my younger son said "Why not just use a three letter acronym" so we became TLA Business Services.


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Does what it says on the tin    1 thanks

davidwinch | | Permalink

My firm provides expert witness evidence in criminal proceedings, so we are Accounting Evidence Ltd.


Wanted to be contray    1 thanks

taylorag | | Permalink

Everyone thinks we spend our time looking backwords so I picked a forward looking name - Advance Accounting.  The fact it starts with an "A" is a bonus.

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Name choice

Flying Scotsman | | Permalink

I am in the business of naming businesses and the spread of choices is interesting.

Those who go for a narrow geogrphical locale aren't thinking of growth when they name their business but it is something that should be taken into account. The second most important factor is to have a name that is easily recalled and attracts attention.


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Follow a (Rock) Star

TaxTeddy | | Permalink

I followed advice given by David Lee Roth in his 1986 compilation video.

His production team was called The Fabulous Picasso Brothers because "....Picasso suggests fine art and 'brothers' makes it sound more like pizza delivery...."

Worked for me.

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