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I think we need a non-contentious issue today

I was reading over the weekend that more people than not both sides of the border are in favour, although around 1/5 stil don't know so the vote is still less than 50%.

I was thinking though, have they thought it through?

Will English tax payers tolerate employing thousands of Scots to work for HMRC when there are so many unemployed in England?

What of the armed forces, will each have their own - if not how will they be paid for?

It will be a legislative nightmare, it is bad enough already with different minor laws either side of the border - and will it be like in the movies with police having to stop pursuit at the border?

Although I get somewhat irritated by the Anti-English nationalism of a significant number of vocal devolutionalists, my personal view is that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts of the union, and that actually the Scots have more to lose than the English.

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I have...

Constantly Confused | | Permalink

... NO idea what you're talking about, it's like the first sentence is missing!

I iz confuzed!

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Turned brain on now

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I am of course talking of Scottish Devolution.

That is the trouble with holidays, you forget how to do everything so quickly!


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OGA - non contentious

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Well that's a good start, I'm no scot but I am sure there are a few out there who will stand up and defend them. Why not open it out to the Welsh and Norn Irn as well. Here in the north of Ireland we are heavily dependant on Civil Service jobs for economic throughput, most of which are useless jobs either recreating what has already been done in UK, or a costly addendum to the UK methods. There are thousands of jobs which exist solely to pay out government money to ex terrorists to keep them happy, under the umbrella of community support.


The whole issue of a UK of GB & NI is fraught with the sort of questions which you raise, and is the whole greater than the sum of the parts?

Let's see what happens?  

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Hi OGA :)

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I like the Scots so wouldn't want to offend them, but I do think it complicates everything when they have different rules, and a different government, to us.

The current situation is a half way house. Maybe it would be better if they were the same, or totally separate. Each would have advantages, and disadvantages.

The Scots should not be able to have it both ways.

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It would be better if someone in government with a bit of bottle actually put this to the vote in England and Scotland.

At the moment the Scots are in a "win-win" situation. They receive a higher amount per head from the UK Government than is spent on the English; Scottish constituency MPs can vote on matters that relate specifically to the English whereas the English MPs have no say in matters relating to the Scots!

This has led to health/ education apartheid whereby the English are treated as cash cows and the Scots have free higher education, free prescriptions and free eye-tests to name just 3 injustices!

If the Scots don't want a truly independent country (the same goes for Wales and Nthn Ireland) then the laws/rules determined by the UK Parliament should apply to everyone.

I suppose a potential big problem would be what to do if a majority of Scots didn't want full devolution but the English did!



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It is a bit of a cheek

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That these countries that want nothing to do with us will happily take some of the taxes we collect.  I'd be more than happy for us to be... well, not 4 seperate countries as I like being the UK, but if they want to run their own affairs fine, but do it with your own tax income.

I once tried to find the income/spend ratio of each of the 4 countries, does anyone know where I could go to find it?

Figures have been released by    1 thanks

sarah douglas | | Permalink

Figures have been released by numerous political programs all saying the same thing. That that London people get the same amount per head as Scotland and more than some other parts of the UK and England.  So all is not equal in England.  

So every English person does not get the same at each other.  I presume everyone is happy at London getting higher amount of tax payers money per head then say Surrey , and other parts of England.

Yes there are usually good reasons for these decisions.


One or t'other

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

I'd go for either totally separate (and include Wales & Ireland in that) or totally in. Not mix and match. I'm quite happy to have the Scots included with the English (for when I win the lottery and buy myself a remote Scottish isle) - I'd even go so far as to cheer on their national teams which I wouldn't with other nations. Never understood the idea of the kilt I'll admit - a tad breezy for a location not really known for balmy temperatures - or the haggis but they have given me Taggart and bagpipes and I've never met a Scottish person I didn't like :)

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What about...

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Flash Gordon wrote:

I've never met a Scottish person I didn't like :)

What about Gillian McKeith?  Surely not even you can stand her?

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Ahhh ... I'd forgotten about Gillian

ShirleyM | | Permalink

I don't know what Flash thinks about her ... but I thought she was hilarious :)

If I was sharing a jungle (or any space) with her I wouldn't find her so funny ... she would have driven me crazy!

I thought this part was funnier than the fainting :)


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I can't help thinking that the whole idea of Scottish independence is ridiculous.  What exactly does Scotland have to gain?  I really don't get it.  It seems akin to California telling the US government that it doesn't act in California's best interests, and therefore it wants to be independent.  Which is also pretty stupid.

Perhaps I'm missing something important.

Good old Gillian...

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

I wouldn't say I disliked her, as Shirley said she can be hilarious. I used to enjoy watching her programmes - but maybe that was as much seeing how much other people used to it and being able to feel fairly virtuous :) I couldn't share space with her for very long though but then I wouldn't want to share space (or time) with many of the 'celebrities'! What a hideous thought...

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Oh dear

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ShirleyM wrote:

I like the Scots so wouldn't want to offend them,


Apparently I have :o(

This is a pity!

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All valid arguments but academic I'm afraid ...

Steve Holloway | | Permalink

only the people who live in Scotland can decide and when they do then we will all have resolve the consequences. As for the Scots living off of English tax-payers ... I think they might have a question as to what happened to the oil that was drilled from their seas!

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You just answered that Steve

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

They have had it all back in subsidies and jobs, and anyway, it is at present British territory so for the benefit of the UK as a whole. Any agreement over oil should only be from devolution forward, you can't re-write history, if we do, then we should start back-dating dividends with impunity!

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