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I want it on public record ...

... O2 are the BEST mobile provider in the world.

Any dissenters can meet me behind the bikes sheds to be shown the error of their ways!



If I ask you why you think

bernard michael | | Permalink

If I ask you why you think that you'll tell me and I don't want to know nor do I care but then I'm a Vodafone shareholder

I'll bite...

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

Go on then.... :)

I'm with Orange and they send me annoying texts & don't have the greatest coverage in the world but as I only use my mobile for odd texts I can't be bothered to switch.

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Alright then ...    1 thanks

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... numpty me lost my phone yesterday, called help line 15.30, SIM and IMEI blocked, my number swapped to new SIM  and number unlocked and back active in a new handset by 18.00.

Not just the speed it was done, more important was the manner, the whole experince was handled in a exemplary fashion - telephone help line, absolutely brilliant, staff in local store ditto and hats off to the back room boys doing the techy stuff. Everybody polite, helpful, knowledgeable, no buck passing, sharp intakes of breath etc - if every business operated like that, the future would be bright, the... oops wrong company!

Normally I'm like Flash, but needed it today so alls well that ends well.

Must add, I hate Vodafone with a passion, they are always screwing clients bills up, and the bills they send need a degree in hyroglifics  to understand.



That's service!

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

If only all the big companies could manage that......

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Thanks for letting us know

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

There's an Any Answers thread brewing at the moment about mobile devices and phone providers, and this thread opens up an important new angle on the customer service side.

We're collecting the responses so far and plan to do a little more on the subject during the summer - so I'll be bookmarking this thread to see what other members are saying about their mobile suppliers.

For the record, we're with Orange too, and I'd agree with Flash about the coverage; I think we may have managed to get them to desist from sending the irritating texts.

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Now that ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... orange are merged with T-Mobile one would expect better coverage as you have two networks available, obviously not the case.

That said, when I am (what I like to call!) training my spaniel deep in the woods of Sussex I get no signal from O2, but my pda which is on a T-mobile tariff always has a signal!

One big irk, which seems to be on all phone provider websites plus many others are the boxes that pop open saying need help, we are waiting to chat! It is teh virtual equivalent of shop assistants that pounce on you teh moemt you enter the shop and the thing most likely to make me leave without buying (I am sure Flash for one knows what I mean).

I like to think I am of average intelligence and quite happy to browse a site for information, and which to do so in peace and quiet, may be there is often a gap without me clicking round the site, ususally because the phone has gone, or someone has popped in to see me. By all means have a quick help button for when I want you, but let me browse in peace. As with real shops, the moment you actually want assistance there is none to be found!  

I'm on O2 but...

DavidACA82 | | Permalink

... I can't wait to change. The 3G signal is awful wherever I seem to go which renders my iphone pretty much useless as a smart phone unless I have a wireless connection.

The normal signal also seems to be very patchy in the south east in general.

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I'm with Virgin

Constantly Confused | | Permalink

Making me, I believe, the last customer they have.  I've never met another one anyway :)

Basically they had cheaper texts way back when I got my first mobile, and I've had the same sim since (basically when the small cards were launched I got one, and still have it :) )

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