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If I ruled the world . . .

If I ruled the world, or at least the UK, my first act would be to nationalise retail banking in the UK - today.

This will protect retail banking from the coming storm and allow me to direct banks to serve businesses and individuals.  That would include lending appropriately to support businesses.

My second act would be to brew a nice pot of tea and some toast and marmalade for breakfast!


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I think ...

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... the government would have been better giving every tax payer a million pounds and let them decide which bank to trust with it!

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If I ruled the UK    1 thanks

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If I were in charge a charity begins at home approach would be undertaken.

One of the first things I would do is scrap DFID, which wastes billions of taxpayer money on foreign aid, while UK taxpayers suffer austerity.

Isn't it right that we sort our own house out first, before poking our nose into other affairs?



If I ruled the world

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my first act would be to abolish finance capitalism and replace it with a steady state economic system

my second act would be to address the distribution of income and wealth in the world

my third act would be reform the housing market by restricting buy to let, compelling empty properties to be let or sold and restricting the size of mortgages to sensible multiples of income

my fourth act would be to introduce a world government and a single currency

my fifth act would be to introduce a transport tax based on distance travelled and fuel used, levied at port of entry

my sixth act would be implement a proper space policy to get humans off planet and exploit the riches of the asteroid belt

my seventh act, assuming I was still alive, would be to write a new will and appoint bodyguards!

If there was time over, I would implement a review of remuneration with a view to linking it more to the benefits flowing from the work. 

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