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I'm it' s been said before, but ...

... can HMRC please put either the name of the client, or the agents client reference when sending notices through the online facility, we don't file by the HMRC references and I have just wasted half an hour working through the list of notices and looking up the client's PAYE reference in IRIS data mining to match them to the correct client record in EARNIE!


I Agree!

Briar | | Permalink

I got one last Friday. Couldn't relate the reference number to any client so phoned the PAYE Helpline. Of course (!), they refused to tell me who the client was because I didn't have a name. They sent me the email, why cannot they then tell me who it is! I even asked for just the first 3 letters (which would have at least narrowed it down a bit!), but they refused that as well.

Paperless Office

chatman | | Permalink

Go paperless, then you can just get your PC to search for the number.

I accept that this will be of no immediate use to you, and obviously does not address the general incompetence of which this issue is only one symptom.


Colin Lothian | | Permalink

I agree, the "reference" used by HMRC is not even the accounts office reference so how is one to match the email to the client? No space on the feedback form provided by HMRC about the quality of service either!

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go on line

taxhound | | Permalink

If you log in to HMRC via the web site, you can search your clients for who you are authorised by PAYE reference on the PAYE "at a glance" section.  I find this the easiest way to track them down.

But I agree - it is a pain.

Within the PAYE desktop viewer, I have a handful of clients at the top of the list with just the paye reference and no company name.  If I don't recognise the employee name when a code is issued I have to strat searching via alternative methods.  Another example of HMRC arrogance!


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