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Importing data as a CSV file and comparison of Sage 50 and Xero

Please can I check some things out. This is for a client who is looking at Sage and Xero.

First a very basic question relating to Sage 50 - there is a monthly subscription version (I think) and a 'software licence bought' version. Am I right in saying this and if so, are both versions identical in functionality?

I appreciate there are different levels of Sage 50, but am uncertain about the cloud version.

Next part. The client has an online business and all the sales data is collected in the bespoke online software. The client's business involves managing online sales for customers, and our client charges are a mixture of standing charge and percentage of customer sales handled. At present the sales information is tranferred to Excel via a CSV file, and sales invoices are raised individually via Excel on a monthly basis, with a fair bit of copying and pasting of data within Excel.

The aim is to cut out Excel entirely and instead transfer the relevant data (in CSV format) directly to Sage, where the invoicing is carried out. Is this possible or is add on software required to do this? I had thought it was possible to import CSV data direct to Sage, but then I've noticed that there are quite a few Sage developers listed who provide applications to do this, so maybe it's not possible without an add on. If an add on is required is there a recommendation on which works best and which is the most cost effective please?

As more information, there are three basic sales service 'products' at the moment, and these would need separating in sales within Sage.

The next stage would be batch email invoicing directly from Sage. Presumably this is perfectly possible?

Final question is whether Sage 50 is the best product for this, or whether Xero could do the job equally well. Has anyone any observations on this point please?

That's it at the moment I think! Thanks very much in advance for any advice anyone can provide.




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Can't comment on Xero as I've never used it but, with regards to the importing of data, if you want, as appears to be the case, to import to the Invoice List in Sage then the built in import routines don't allow for this so you would have to look at using a 3rd party addon. 

As for which is best and which is most cost effective, there is no simple answer.  Both of these Sage developers offer an add on that allows for importing in to the Invoice List:

I have no commercial connection with either of the above companies other than I've know the guys that run them for many, many years and they are both among the best Sage 50 developers I know.




I have used Adept

paulwakefield1 | | Permalink

for importing sales data to be invoiced and found the product excellent with good support.

Sage 50 online (monthly)

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Hi newmoon,

In response to you questions:

Sage 50 hosted online is exactly the same software as is available for desktops/ local networks. 

Online50 are the only company in the UK authorised by Sage to provide Sage 50 software on monthly terms.

We currently host the Skyewright Import Plus package and hope to host the Adept range of add ons shortly.  Our software can be easily integrated with others making all sorts of interesting combinations possible.


Russell Dickens


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