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Importing Purchase invoices from CSV file

I use Keebo to digitise all the purchase receipts for my company and few other clients. I can link it with KashFlow and with a click of the button they are in the purchase ledger with a copy of the scanned receipt.

That is great but I do not have all of my clients in KashFlow. I use VT Transaction+ for many other clients who do not want to look at their accounts all the time. Keebo has a possibility to export in Xcel or CSV files but I am struggling to import these transactions into VT.

Does anyone have experience with this?


Where does the problem occur?

chatman | | Permalink

Is it the format you get from Keebo or is the import you are having  trouble with? If it is the import, at what stage do you get problems, and do you get any error messages?


Sunny B | | Permalink


Was there any resolution on this.

I have a similar problem.


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