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Including Goods Delivery Note number automatically in Invoices

We use the sales order processing modules with Sage50 2011 version.

We need to include the Goods Delivery Note (GDN) number in our invoices so that customers can reconcile the invoices with the goods received; this amounts to around 250 invoices a month.

We would like the GDN nr. included automatically but need to enter the GDN number manually to each invoice immediately prior to printing it, which is time-consuming and fraught with error.

The GDN number variable name is not available in the invoices editor and Sage helpline tells me that's just the way it has to be.

Given that each Invoice is effectively a re-presentation of the GDN with monetary values added, I find this explanation pretty feeble.

I can't believe this is a problem peculiar to our firm, and would be grateful to hear from any Sage50 users who have encountered this issue, with any suggested solutions.

Many thanks.




GDN on Invoice

johndon68 | | Permalink

The same question was posted on SageForum a while ago and below is a response posted by someone with a very good knowledge of the Sage Report Designer:


This is not as easy as it might sound. As far as I'm aware there is no direct link between an invoice and a GDN. To get to the related GDN information from an invoice you would have to go via the SALES_ORDER table.

In the join editor you could add the SALES_ORDER table and join it to the INVOICE table on SALES_ORDER.ORDER_NUMBER to INVOICE.ORDER_NUMBER_NUMERIC. Then add the GDN_ITEM table and join it to the SALES_ORDER table on SALES_ORDER.ORDER_NUMBER to GDN_ITEM.ORDER_NUMBER. You can then add GDN_ITEM.GDN_NUMBER to your layout.


There is a problem in doing this. The GDN_ITEM table will contain one row for each line on the order where something was dispatched. This means that by creating a join such as this you will multiply the records you get which will either mean duplicates in your invoice or incorrect totals, depending on your specific layout design. This is further complicated by the fact that you can have multiple GDNs per sales order which again would cause issues with duplicates or totals.

It might be possible to work around these problems but it won't be easy. My suggestion would be to hijack a field on the invoice record that you don't currently use and add it to your invoice layout then manually enter the GDN number in this field on each invoice before printing. Not the most ideal solution but almost certainly the easiest.



Thanks, John.

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Thanks, John.

We do, indeed, generally have multiple GDNs per S/O, which is why the GDN nr is so important as a means of distinguishing and reconciling invoices.

I'm familiar with joins in Access & SQL, but not yet in Sage.  So I'll have a look at the approach described - but not today.





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