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Information just received from Working Together co-ordinator

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Well worth a read.    1 thanks

johnjenkins | | Permalink

Perhaps it's me but I still feel that a part of this is regulation by the back door.

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That was my idea

runningmate | | Permalink

Whenever my wife asks me to do anything around the house I make sure that I do it very late and rather badly.  Next time she does it herself because it's less hassle for her.

Now I see HMRC have stolen my idea and called it "self serve".

Can I sue them for breach of patent?


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Accounting web

pawncob | | Permalink

Can't help feeling they ignored the Aweb debates completely.

Our strongly expressed fears have surfaced as "concerns".

Why is anyone surprised?

chicken farmer | | Permalink

Surely we never expected the Revenue to backtrack? They will have their way regardless of any comments made in the consultation and the professional bodies are too concerned with maintaining 'good relations' to stop them.


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