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Intacct - does anyone in the UK have experience with this cloud / SaaS accountign package?

We are a 100 employee company with offices in the UK, US and Australia. We currently use small accounting packages in each location (Sage 50 in the UK for instance) and consolidate using Excel.

This all works well but as we grow we are looking for a single global solution. I am being pushed to use an American cloud package called Intacct because it integrates very easily with Salesforce which we already use.

However, I do not think Intacct has made much progress so far in the UK so I am posting this enquiry in the hope that someone else in the UK already has knowledge of Intacct, or of an alternative cloud / Saas accounting package that integrates with Salesforce.


Try searching the Aweb site for the Force platform...

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The Intacct product seems to be on the platform (

From memory CODA (2go) was also developed on that platform and was in the news about 2009

Just found a couple of Aweb postings


'.. Pricing for smaller companies graduating from QuickBooks begins at just $400 a month ..' does sound a bit steep; but maybe not for a mid-market product


Cloud Packaage

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Xero an online accounting package and can be used as a global solution.  It has the ability to link in with Salesforce via a connector. See

I specialise in training and implementation of Xero and would be happy to speak with you. See my website  

There are also a number of other very useful solutions such as Receipt Bank which you could find worth looking at. (Disclosure: I am the training partner for Receipt-Bank)





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No they haven't

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For a truly international accounting solution take a look at which is a fully multi currency, multi taxonomy (and multi lingual) Cloud accounting and business solution that is integrated to

Irrespective of platform, Intacct like many other apps (including us) integrate well with - see how we do it here.

However platform is not the only thing. like many other CRM solutions works on a  status based relational workflow model. By its very nature accounting is fundamentally different in that it's transactional (think of all those lovely invoices, journals, cash receipts, accruals, time-sheets, expense payments, inter-company posting etc.!)

CRM platforms (including those from Microsoft et al) are exactly not geared up to handle high transactional systems which most accounting systems turn out to be. This makes them inefficient for fast financial analysis and reporting.

So if you want fast, efficient multi regional financial analysis and accounting in the Cloud, look at Aqilla.



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Finding an alternative    1 thanks

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As far as I can see, Intacct is not being proactively sold in the UK, and has no on-the-ground support in the UK for implementation and training etc.

I suspect there is no VAT functionality, the significance of which should not be under-estimated.

In terms of a suitable alternative suggestion, what is your business? Does it involve products, services or both? Do you run projects?

Intacct in the UK

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I currently use Intacct with Salesforce in the UK it's very good for scheduled billing and deferred revenue - what do you need to know ?


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Have you considered NetSuite, which integrates with SalesForce or has its own integrated CRM system?

Intacct in UK

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Cubic Data Technologies - We are the official VAR of Intacct in UK.


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