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I am normally pretty impressed with the service provided by online services helpdesk, but once in a while it is very frustrating, and could be helped I think by some targeted training.  Here is a case in point:

In recent weeks I have observed that when drilling down through the analysis of "payments and credits received" for a self assessment individual, the allocation of certain particular payments is not available, but an attempt to drill down to that allocation returns a standard error message saying not available, try later or contact helpdesk with error code etc.  Be assured this is happens only on a small minority of cases, even within a particular taxpayer record, but consistently always returns for the identified payments.

When I contact efiler helpdesk we go through a longwinded routine which I *know* is going to get us nowhere.  I have to clear my internet cache and cookies, reboot my machine, log into the site through a specified routine, check that hmrc website is a trusted site etc etc, all of which, had they been the cause of the problem, would have caused more widespread disruption than failure to see the allocations of particular payments.

I have a suspicion that the problem is linked to a recent correction to a bug in the web pages wherein interest charges were duplicated in the on-screen analysis (but the duplicates were correctly excluded from the page totals).  Those duplicates are no longer showing up, but perhaps not entirely coincidentally the offending error messages are on payments part of which have been allocated to interest.

But the clerk on the help desk was having none of it, and having spent more than half an hour jumping through hoops which could never have resolved it I was finally advised to send a screenshot of the error code by email and await a response.

This particular problem, as I say, is not very frequent, but it is one that repeats sufficiently regularly that someone in their IT department MUST I think be aware of it as a general and repetitive problem.  It is a shame that those on the telephone front line are not aware.


Has anyone ever had a problem resolved by them?

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Has anyone ever had a problem resolved by the online services help desk? I haven't.

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They are an error collection service.


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The second tier support on the online services helpdesk have now responded on our particular case, to advise that this is a known bug which will be corrected in the website software update that is planned to be implemented in October(!) 2012.  In the meantime, you can only get the allocation of an offending payment by referring the matter to the taxpayer's local tax office.

Just thought I would let all y'all know, because while it affects a minority of taxpayers, in absolute terms there will be a huge number affected, and I would expect nearly all agents to have some clients in this position.  Shame that 1st tier support have not been briefed, but at least you do not now have to waste your time as I have.

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