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IRIS 10.7 & SQL2005

There is a bug in Business Tax in version 10.7 that stops those on SQL2005 producing electronic CT600's, they are working on a fix but I would advise not upgrading if you have any 31st October deadline returns to file.

If you are on SQL2008 there are no reported problems.

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What a pain

Tim Robinson | | Permalink

Thanks for the heads up.

I tried all through yesterday and last evening to download the 10.7 update but it was greyed out on the site.  Iris support advised me this morning that because their system could not meet the demand for the download they temporarily took down the download link.  I started the download a few minutes ago so that problem appears to be solved.

I see from my list of progs that I am running 2005 SQL but upgrade is possible from this page of the Iris site.


SQL 2005/2008

ianlawrance1 | | Permalink

So the update works on SQL2008 but not SQL 2005. This is not a justification for an upgrade from 2005 to 2008, which is non-trivial. I'm on 2005 with no plan for 2008 so I'm expecting IRIS to fix the bug before I install.....

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I am no techie

Tim Robinson | | Permalink

So I was just going to apply the upgrade to SQL 2008 - so that is not a good idea?  Why?

I am running XP SP3.



overlyzealous | | Permalink

downloaded the new release 10.7, its fine no problems from what i can see.

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acccoop | | Permalink

Fix is now available!  Iris have replaced the original download with an updated version.  I was instructed to re-download the 10.7 update which now correctly handles both SQL 2005 and SQL 2008.  Cheers.

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Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

I have been told the same, hats off for the speedy fix, but bit of a cod to drop though!

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