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IRIS closed all day for a meeting

Does anybody know what this meeting is about that is so important that all the support staff are away all day?

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No idea

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They have shut the support lines before for staff training. However, they usually give more notice than they have this time.

It's a bit of a pain for us because i wanted to install the 10.9.1 update last night but there was no way i was going to risk it if the support lines are down all day.

10.9.1 update

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hi chorleyboy

if that is what you were going to do, be grateful they are shut

I upgraded last Thursday and afterwards had lost all postings from 8 April 2012 - Time & Fees, Accounts, Business Tax, Personal Tax, everything. I could not get any response from support until yesterday morning  - they have been swamped - 10 minute wait to get on a waiting list for a waiting list to get someone to ring you back!!!!!

I use Iris online automatic daily backup so I hoped everything would be ok but..............

I rang again yesterday and after a 20 minute wait got through - they were trying all day yesterday to sort it out and install my backup from last Wednesday - even promised they would fix it remotely and turn off my system before they left the office.

Guess what - it is no different today, nothing has been sorted, accounts production keeps crashing every time I try to run LTD reports and still no postings since 8 April

The firm has been unable to work for 4 days and they find time to go off for a meeting for a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had to cancel client meetings to sign accounts prepared in the last month because the records no longer exist and the knock-on impact on my cashflow over the next 6 weeks does not bear thinking about

Thank goodness I am a member of Federation of Small Business so I can use their legal department to prepare a claim for loss of profits and compensation

So good luck with your upgrade



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Given the current state of the program

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I assume they are discussing whether to do an Etch a Sketch and just start from scratch!

I've called them maybe a dozen times since the last update and everything is a 'known issue we'll try and fix later'.


10.9.1 update sqlbak

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Hi there,

it is worth checking to see if the inbuilt iris sql backup is working properly, it should run every night and create a file called iris.bak which sits in a folder called sqlbak within your iris folder structure.

Check the date modified, the service runs everyday so you should have an up to date file in there, if it is more than 1 day old I would suggest this routine is not working properly for you.

If this is the case then if you have an Iris update failure I believe the rollback will revert to its backup in this folder which will restore the data the last time the service worked properly.

This is from our practical experience only, hope this helps future updaters.






i wonder.... will we get a refund

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i wonder, do you think we will be refunded for the 'days' absence? after all we pay 12 months membership do we not???.... time to look around i think


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I assume there must be a good reason for completely closing for a day, as it has not happened before while we've been customers.

Maybe there will be some announcement tomorrow to explain, that they didn't want to say before staff were briefed today?



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Iris support shut down = poor customer service ?

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I have to say that leaving customers without support for what in reality is a business critical application is very difficult to justify in my book and certainly goes against everything we try to do for our clients here.

They could have arranged cover with a skeleton staff present at the very least and split their staff meetings over two days or even better do their meetings at the weekend !

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waiting time

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I bet their website still showed an average waiting time of 3 minutes yesterday!

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straight from the horse's mouth

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I asked my account manager today about the closure and he said that it was something they do every year to brief staff on new developments for the software over the coming 12 months.

Quite why they couldn't split it over 2 days with half going each day or run it at a weekend I don't know!

Problem resolved

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As someone who's looking at various software options at the moment I find the above deeply troubling - not so much the closure of customer services (although I understand people's frustration) but the problems the software update has caused.  Certainly losing days of work (& therefore cashflow) due to everything simply disappearing could cripple a small practice.

Does anyone know how widespread the reported problems are?



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No issues so far with 10.9.1

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I put 10.9.1 on last night and the installation went OK. We didn't have anything like the major failure that 90517Do had. However i always test the updates on a dummy server first in case of any nasty suprises.

I dare say there will be some minor niggles that emerge over the next few days but you get that with most software and not just Iris.

Lucky Us

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I'm glad we decided to leave IRIS 2 years ago and move over to CCH, for around half the price with better and more integrated software.

I remember the support being fairly useless back in our IRIS days, in terms of turnaround speeds. I think the longest I've ever had to wait for CCH is 3-4 hours. 

Service levels

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I suppose I should feel somewhat comforted in that the levels of service from IRIS don't seem to apply just to us!!

However, I take no comfort for the fact that, despite them knowing the latest update caused problems, they let us go ahead this week, leading to the loss of a whole morning's work.

They don't seem to take our concerns seriously and seem more interested in self defence than ensuring service levels improve.

Th Business Tax software, in my opinion, is barely fit for purpose but whenever we call them, they try to fob us off and ask whether what we require is really necessary. I can assure you and them that we don't ask for anything that was not available and standard on our preveios software.

Let's hope things improve or we will certainly be looking elsewhere.

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Would you care to expand?

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AndrewSullivan wrote:

I'm glad we decided to leave IRIS 2 years ago and move over to CCH, for around half the price with better and more integrated software.

I remember the support being fairly useless back in our IRIS days, in terms of turnaround speeds. I think the longest I've ever had to wait for CCH is 3-4 hours. 

Seeing as all the IRIS functions feed off a central SQL database I would like to know more.

The only service issue I have had that has taken more than a phone call to resolve was an issue at the Companies House end of online filing which IRIS got to the bottom of for me.

I have never had a service failure following an update, and if you contemplate the complexity of the software a few minor niggles are expected with an upgrade, and they are usually patched within a month when present, sooner if major ones.

I appreciate some have problems, but the tone on many of these comments make cynical me think they are from competitors not users!


Hi guys I owe you an update

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Hi guys I owe you an update

It took three days for a Senior Technical Support guy to get back to me. 

Apparently, they think when my system was upgrading, it hiccupped after the stage when the data is erased, restarted the process, backed up the data files and folders as they then were (ie no data) and then completed the process, restoring the last available backup containing data which was 9 April. No explanation why it was not the day before the update nor why it was 9 April - maybe he did not know.

Not to worry I thought - I have automatic overnight backup set up remotely by Iris Support to fall back on.

They had been looking at my backups - the files and folders being backed up were not the correct SQL ones, even though Iris targetted them for me remotely - they were useless. Apparently I should have known - but is that not what we pay them thousands for??

So some hours later he successfully upgraded my system, sorted out the correct SQL files and folders for overnight backups which now seem to be operating successfully, but that had been the message I had been receiving and relying on every day for the past few years. 

I have also gone back to taking a backup in the office as I did before using Iris overnight backup, not on an external harddrive but a memory stick which is removed from the office when I leave.

I had to input all postings since 9 April - accounts, tax return questionnaires, tax returns, time sheets, invoices, cash received - I try to have a paperless office, inputting time throughout the day into time and fees - thank goodness for Outlook Calendar and Tasks and bring back filing cabinets!!!!!!!

So, what have I learned?  - Even if you have a backup, do not trust it - test it (not sure how, presumably on another system loaded with the Iris program? Is this covered by the office licence or do I need to add another user? Are there costs implications at Iris?

                                    - have more than one backup system

                                    - sadly, do not trust Iris to do what they say have done - target the                                                                                         

                                      correct files and folders?

                                   - be glad I am semi-retired and do not have to endure much more of being a sole -practitioner in the profession for much longer- oh I forgot, have to work until I am 80 as the pension is shot to ribands as well!

When he finished, he said he would ring back in a few days to check everything is fine and that my Account Manager would contact me to discuss any financial matters as my quarterly fee was due in early June - You do not need to be told whether either of them rang!! Maybe they used to work at HMRC.

Finally, you may have noticed on the IRIS website recently, some Technical advice about backups and verifying whether your backup systems are working properly? I am not even getting a mention in the credits!!!!


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