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Iris ending support for Windows XP in October 2012

I was recently looking through the Iris system requirements and noticed that they are now saying that support for Windows XP will end in October 2012. Although the program will still run on XP, any new releases will not be tested and any compatibility issues will not be addressed.

I was just wondering whether this is going to cause anybody else a problem. We currently run XP on all our machines and were not planning to migrate to Windows 7/8 until at least the summer of 2013.


..Iris ending support for Windows XP in October 2012

cliff.hunter | | Permalink

Certainly likely to cause us a problem.

No current plans to replace all our XP machines at all (if it ain't broke don't fix it).

So Many people use XP

Jimess | | Permalink

I cannot imagine why they would do this as so many people still use XP as even now it is far more stable than the more recent windows systems.  We certainly have no plans to migrate from XP.  The only migration we may be doing is from Iris if they force this through.

Same here

Fidodido | | Permalink

I like XP, it is nice and stable and have no plans to change.

It is an interesting one, as i dont really want to change windows XP or Iris.  will have to wait and see what they say i suppose.

same also

cjtrevor | | Permalink

Our XP computers work fine (even new ones we still stick XP on them) and we had no plans to upgrdade, so many businesses I speak to have stuck with XP so this seems a bit premature to stop support before the end of the year and to give such short notice.

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Now is a good time to look at your options

Phil Craven | | Permalink

Cloud computing, or remote server hosting is an option when software companies stop supporting old versions of operating systems.  Rather than going out and buying the latest Microsoft windows – usually leads to replacing the PC / Laptop as well, consider the ‘Cloud ‘ option.

You continue to use your XP systems, but run the IRIS application in a remotely hosted system, UK based secure datacentre and pay a monthly fee – no large capital expenditure.

Added benefits include full support of the system, all other (non IRIS) applications also in the cloud – leaving you with no data on your systems.

More info

Worried about moving to the cloud? - Coincidently, in today’s BBC news a major Spanish Bank has signed up for the cloud

Drop me a line for the best way forward.

Phil Craven

[email protected]


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Time for a "save XP" campaign?

chorleyboy | | Permalink

Thanks for all the replies.

In my conversations with Iris I still haven't received a straight answer as to why they have chosen October 2012 to stop XP support. One Iris technician I have spoken to thought it was because it is no longer supported by Microsoft from that date. However, i'm pretty sure this is not the case. According to the Microsoft website XP SP3 entered extended support in 2010 and will remain supported until April 2014. This means that paid support is still available and security updates and hotfixes are still produced.

If you are also concerned about this then can i suggest you contact your Iris account manager? I'm sure if enough of us complain then they may reconsider or at least provide a proper explantion as to why they have made their decision.


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Server 2003 support also ending in October 2003    1 thanks

chorleyboy | | Permalink

Forgot to say that i had another email from Iris saying that support for Windows Server 2003 is also ending in October 2012.

Could prove to be an expensive year!

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Me too

Tim Robinson | | Permalink

I am a happy XP user and would prefer not to change.

On the other hand we should remember that XP is no longer supported by Microsoft and SP3 was released in May 2008, so it is beyond its sell-by and the action that Iris is taking is inevitable.

Their timing in terms of our tax return season is not great, it would be so much easier to not have to worry about this until after January 2013.  But I recall that Iris normally do a major upgrade in the autumn so perhaps their timing is dictated by that upgrade?

In the past Iris has given us plenty of support through a national series of roadshows (eg with iXBRL) so perhaps this is their opportunity to do the same again.  Might they also push us towards the cloud (with which I have no problem) at the same time?  If they do I hope that the pricing structure allows for sole practitioners like me to continue to use their product.

Thanks Chorleyboy for spotting this!


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Cloud is fine ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... as long as your internet doesn't go down, and that you have a reliable and quick internet connection available to you, there are still many areas of the UK where this is "patchy" at best!


Jimess | | Permalink

I have had a quote from Iris for cloud computing in the last 6 months and it will add another 30% on to my monthly software cost.  This pushes it way beyond affordability for practices such as ours, we cannot hope to recover a 30% hike in software fees, clients are so price sensitive at the moment in our area.  I have e-mailed my Iris account manager and await his comments.

I totally agree with OGA on internet connections.  Our area is not the most reliable for internet speeds and access.  It would be totally unsatisfactory to have our workflow dictated by when we could and could not get on to the internet. 

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Please ...    1 thanks

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... all users contact IRIS and tell them that they are in danger of seriously upsetting, and may be losing a large swathe of their customers, who although they love the product, have been swallowing inflation busting price rise after price rise in the depths of deep recessionary times, and are now facing being forced to spend thousands on software (and possible hardware) upgrades a good 18 months before they need to!

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Why not consider an upgrade?

essex accountant | | Permalink


I think it is worth considering upgrading. I did last year and I don't regret it for one moment. I have 7 users and to change the server, 7 workstations, upgrade to Windows 7, office 2010 and  SBS 2011 cost me £15,000 + VAT. I got a 40% EU grant towards the cost so this reduced the outlay to £9,000. I then get 20% CT relief after 9 months (deal signed on the last day of my financial year) so it cost me £7,200 net. I write it off over 5 years and so the monthly cost is £120 a month Plus it is far quicker, much more efficient saving power (the basis of the EU grant) and more reliable.


Jimess | | Permalink

The upgrade may well be what we have to do but I am certainly not happy about it - my own computers and server are only just over three years old and are still working well doing what I want them to do and energy efficient to the standards at the time I bought them.  Apart from the move away from Windows XP, if it is necessary,  I have no reason or desire to spend money replacing equipment that is functioning perfectly well for me - with or without an EU grant. 

What additional; benefit precisely will spending money on an upgrade give me - I will still have my accounting software, still have my office software and still use the system to do the same things as I do now - why would I want to spend money to gain nothing - the only people who will gain out of it will be the IT and software companies.

It just seems such a waste of money when I currently have a system that is adequate for my needs.  I resent being pushed into having to spend even more money on IT because the IT industry has such a throwaway attitude towards it's products. I know technology is moving on, but there are only so many things you can do, and only so many efficiencies you can make. It's about time the IT industry acknowledges just how much it's buy now throwaway tomorrow culture is costing businesses. 


Windows 8

cjtrevor | | Permalink


We'll probably wait until Win 8 comes out and then changeover to that, then at least it should be a fair time before the next forced upgrade!

Being realistic our users would see no benefit from Win 7 over XP.  All our hardware is high spec and recently upgraded, we just chose to stick with XP to save paying out for new licence fees and because all our setup and software is well tested and established with it.

Alternatively there is a good chance we'll be going down the hosted server route.

I'm hoping the XP support date may be changed to give another year or to coincide with Microsoft's support end date of April 2014.

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Also hoping to hold out for Windows 8

chorleyboy | | Permalink

We tend to buy our desktop machines with an OEM copy of Windows and then flog them for as long as we can without upgrading the OS (usually 6 to 7 years). For this reason we were also hoping to hold on for Windows 8 which should be released and stable by mid 2013.

I've emailed our Iris account manager asking for more information on why the decision has been made but haven't heard anything back yet. I've also emailed Iris support to ask whether the end of XP support has ever been officially announced (i don't think it has) but also haven't had a repsonse.

Has anybody else heard anything from Iris? Or is there anyone from Iris reading this forum who can give us some more information (I know you monitor these forums!!)


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Phone technical support ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... and ask them to log your comments.

They will try and fob you off that XP is not supported by Microsoft, this is not true.

As was said above, we will upgrade, but our budget cycle matches the Microsoft support cycle so we were looking at a major upgrade in the Feb 2014 "lull". we don't appreciate being forced to commit to unecessary expenditure/borrowings in the deepest dark of the recession.

For us it is software licences not hardware that needs upgrading and it is hard to get finance for that as there is nothing to charge! It is bad enough we are having to upgrade from Office 2003 because of increasing compatability problems with external documents.

Not to mention the downtime whislt the software is installed and configured!


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New topic opened on the Iris website - please add your comments!

chorleyboy | | Permalink

I've still not heard anything from either my account manager or Iris support.

I've now opened a topic in the Customer Care section of the support forum on their website but as of yet haven't had a reply. Feel free to register and add your own comments. The more people that complain the more chance we have of getting a response. You can find their forum here:


Just received this back from Iris

Jimess | | Permalink

"Good morning, I have been waiting for internal clarification on this matter.

Nothing changes, you can install all products on XP

If IRIS finds a bug that we look at and find is caused by XP itself … we will ask users to upgrade to Windows 7… (my emphasis)

So, we will test as usual on XP for all releases. People can install  onto XP and will be supported but in the unlikely event we find a bug that is specifically related to XP we will not fix it , if it works in W7 we will ask them to upgrade.

So just to reiterate the products will not stop working from next October.

I hope this puts your mind at ease.



I find this so glib almost to be insulting - upgrading is a significant project and cost that cannot just be done at the drop of a hat because the newest version of Iris does not like something in XP.  Are you willing to take that risk taking into account the number of bugs that Iris has had in recent years?  It could mean a fairly significant amount of downtime possibly at a time that you need it least of all (Like January!) How dare they play Russian Roulette with their customers like this! 


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Hosting options

Hosted Accounta... | | Permalink

Hi Chorleyboy

Why not keep your XP machines and just get your IRIS hosted - that way you do not need to worry about the office machines, or upgrades, or losing any data.

We do this regularly for our clients and are completely independent of the software suppliers. As such we have your best interests at heart, can reduce any 3rd party IT cost you have, and are quite happy to host your applications from other suppliers (Virtual Cabinet, Sage, etc, etc)

I don't want to sound like an advert (other "hosters" are available) but hosting directly with your software supplier is not always a great idea.

By all means drop us a line in February if you want to have a chat. We only work with accountancy firms anyway.



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Having lost broadband for 3 hours today ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... (BT problem) has hardened my resolve against hosted options!

(just glad I don't live in Ambridge)

Xp support

S Roberts | | Permalink



Anyone know exactly when the notice was released that they would not be supporting xp from October 2012





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no official announcement yet

chorleyboy | | Permalink

I've had various emails from them and they repsonded to a post i made on the iris website.

However as far as i'm aware they haven't officially announced anything with regard to XP / Server 2003 support.

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Hosted Desktop UK | | Permalink

We have hundreds of accountants using our Hosted Desktop solution, and this would overcome your issues with XP and Iris - carry on with your XP machines, and we can host Iris for you (and any other apps you may operate).



David @ HDUK Limited


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