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We are in the process of looking at replacing document management software; our two candidates are Iris Open Docs and Virtual Cabinet. We are an Iris practice, the Iris Open Docs is a white label version of Invu. Has anybody got experience of Open Docs or comparisons to Virtual Cabinet?

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Have a look at both....

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We provide hosting to accountants, including IRIS customers - more and more seem to be choosing Virtual Cabinet but try both, and have a clear shopping list as to exactly what your DM solution needs to do.


Also consider Docusoft

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We provide a solution that integrates easily, has a vast array of functions to capture, store and retrieve all documents including very powerful search functionality, and includes a workflow module as standard to enhance the business processes. Docusoft is is aimed at improving efficiency and productivity and delivers so much more than just an electronic filing cabinet. Please look us up at


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