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IRIS OpenSpace e-approval at last

Just to say have used the new e-approval, which enables clients to electronically authorise documents you place in OpenSpace and it works well.

Main tip though is to make sure your client's record on OpenSpace is ticked for email notifications.  If the tick box is unticked you'll be told approval has been requested from the client...but it hasn't.

From our point of view this has added a great deal of value to OpenSpace.


But...    1 thanks

Jim Broome | | Permalink

But a hard copy of a Tax Return needs to be supplied to the client - see the cover sheet of electronic Tax Returns...

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Not here it doesn't

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

The client has a printer, all I need, again quoting from the front sheet, is written confirmation that the client has signed TR6 and an email or, now, e-approval is perfectly OK.  Apart for 1-2 offline clients haven't sent or received hard anything for years.

PDF?....It's paper Jim but not as we know it (sorry) :o)


I agree that...

Jim Broome | | Permalink

written confirmation (including an e-mail) that the client has signed page TR6 will suffice but it still states that "your tax advisor MUST (my emphasis) provide you with a hard copy..." in which case you have failed.

Are you ginger like your namesake?

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Would you like me to be?

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

I'm a wizard in Photoshop!

Back to the topic, are you going to tell Iris they've got it all wrong, or shall I?

Not necessarily...

Jim Broome | | Permalink

A ginger footballer is bad enough... but a ginger accountant? Well...

I suspect others (including yourself) have been flouting the legislation for years and the fact that IRIS seem to be assisting the matter is really of no help!



E-Approval in IRIS OpenSpace

switkiss | | Permalink

Firstly, thanks for the comments regarding e-approval.  It is also on our plans to improve notifications generally in IRIS OpenSpace

Regarding hard copies and the coversheet, this is IRIS wording that we will be changing in our April release.  HMRC does not require hard copies to be supplied to the client and we'll be updating our coversheet to reflect the current guidance from HMRC:

We also received advice from legal counsel that using e-approval with IRIS OpenSpace satisfies HMRC's requirements.

I hope this helps and puts your mind at rest regarding approval of returns via IRIS OpenSpace.  Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any further questions


Simon Witkiss
Product Director
IRIS Software Group
01753 212491 | [email protected]

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Thanks Simon (does Iris let you have time off?)

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

I never read the front sheet, but good to see someone (Jim) is on the ball.

Relief for me and majority of AcWeb peeps to find out we've not been breaking the rules but, to be honest, if I had, I'd still not print anything, my ink's run out.

Looking forward to multi-signatures for accounts


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Taking the plunge

jon_griffey | | Permalink


It seems that all I hear is positive thinks about Iris openspace and am thinking of taking the plunge.

Any hints, tips, feedback for a newbie?

There is this luddite in me that likes to see an ink signature on accounts and returns.  I suppose this is not necessary these days and the monitoring unit/PI won't mind?

What about ltd co accounts?  Can they simply be 'approved' in the same way?

Terms and Conditions

Jenny Wilson | | Permalink

Has anyone found what our responsibilites to the client and clients responsibilites to us are, using Iris openspace? such as keeping us up to date with email address and keeping their password safe.

I  cannot find anything to say we need to update our engagement letters, but our thoughts are that we should have something in writing from the client to say they are in agreement to use this facility.



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