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Had the notification e-mail - link for download not there, I thought they had sorted this and made sure the download was available before sending out the notifications!

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Hosted IRIS / MIS Systems Engineering

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We will test V11 when available and contact our IRIS hosted clients when is the best time to install.

Any questions, please contact us


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Test it?

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Er, thought it was tested before release?

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Won't be installing yet anyway    1 thanks

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As with any major Iris release this won't be going anywhere near my live server until I can't put it off any longer. Been burnt too many times in the past!

Also this is the first release that is no longer certified with XP or Sever 2003. Will be interesting to see if any problems arise with these platforms and what Iris do about it as i estimate about 40% of UK businesses (including us) will still be running some XP machines.

I did try to start a "Save XP Support" campaign earlier in the year but just got the same old spin from Iris so gave up in the end.

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In for a penny

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I'll be a guinea pig, have been waiting for the ability to submit iXBRL accounts to Co's House so lots in the queue. If I'm not back on here 24 hours after the release, tell my wife, dog & kids I love them! (leave dog till last)

iXBRL accounts

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We're also looking forward to the iXBRL accounts submissions, as so many can't go through the current system.

Was holding on to a batch to submit by today but gave up earlier in the week and sent by post.

Better a small delay than releasing with bugs.

Better communication would be good though, which Iris could easily achieve by regular posting into their own customer forum.

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Accounts to companies house?

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I thought Iris could file accounts at companies house? It certainly could when I used it 4+ years ago.


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Yes it can, but many situations or disclosures currently result in a failure and the only solution is to send by post.

The new iXBRL submission format should solve this and allow just about anything to be successfully electronically filed at Companies House.

An update on IRIS Accountancy Suite v11    3 thanks

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As you are probably aware, e-filing of iXBRL accounts is one of the headline features of IRIS Accountancy Suite v11, alongside integrated payroll and client account functionality for Corporation Tax clients. Following rigorous internal and external testing IRIS Accountancy Suite v11 was ready for release yesterday (31st October 2012).

However, when a small number of customers used the software to test file iXBRL accounts on to the live Companies House system, we observed a defect that affects the presentation of accounts on the public record. Companies House have confirmed that the error is with their own systems, specifically with how they take an iXBRL file and render it as an image for the public record.

As the first software provider to highlight this issue to Companies House, we are working with them to resolve the problem and ensure iXBRL e-filing is a positive experience for our customers. Until then, and particularly because this affects the lodgement of accounts on the public record, we have chosen to delay the release of IRIS Accountancy Suite v11 for a short period.  We will update this thread Monday afternoon when we expect to have further information on our expected release date.

Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Simon Witkiss
Product Director
IRIS Software Group
[email protected]

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Cheers Simon

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Had too much on today anyway!

For the record, as Simon says, the accounts that will now go to COSH, will be a "proper set" and not the cut down nasty version that we've submitted in the past.

As it happens ACCA insist even Abb accounts go with an accountant's report, which will now be possible, which is great as you don't want to mess with the ACCA.

v11 Update

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Following close work with Companies House, they have identified the issue and implemented a fix so that the final image appearing on the public record is as close as possible to the iXBRL document filed. We are just going through a final round of testing and we hope to release IRIS Accountancy Suite v11 in the next few days.

More information on how Companies House render a submitted iXBRL document for the public record and the differences you might see are available in this knowledge base article.

Simon Witkiss
Product Director
IRIS Software Group
[email protected]

Anyone done the deed?

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So it's out.  Anyone taken the step and upgraded yet?  Do tell.....


v11    3 thanks

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Yes installed the update yesterday evening, installed with no issues.

Everyone in the office been using all morning and no issues so far.

Filed a set of accounts using the new iXBRL to companies house which worked well, that was a set which wouldn't file using the old system.

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Same here

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First set of accounts submitted and acknowledged by CH.

The release note talks about the potential problem over the accounts layout and that it should be OK if your page settings are standard, ie margins top/bottom 20 & left/right 11.99 AND typeface = Times New Roman/10.  Our font is Tahoma/10 and sure enough there were line breaks all over the place that messed up some paragraphs in the accounts but made the accountants report a real mess.

Best then to chose submit later and in the reports/submit CH efile accounts view them first just to make sure they don't look silly.

All else working OK and just want to give some praise for the new portal (start screen) the content is really extensive, worth 10 mins to play with the buttons and see what news & info you can get, works much quicker on this version.



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Yes v11 seems to be working very reliably so far, so a big thank you to Iris for learning from previous releases and getting the testing back to the high level that we have come to expect.

Although overall the new start menu is a good improvement, the one feedback from our users is that the tax tables are now much harder to use.

The additional tax information is of course welcome and a good addition.

But, it is now very difficult to look up tax rates quickly, as they are buried in so many different menus.  It normally takes a few attempts to find the right place to find something, whereas the tables in the previous version were quick and easy to look up while on the phone to a client for example.

Is it possible to have both the new information and the summary tax tables in an easy to use format?

Do other users agree?

Nearly there....

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I've also now installed and got working with v11, and for the most part it seems absolutely fine.  I've managed to put together and file a set of abbr accounts with CH no problem.

But then I've also had a bit of a glitch.  With another client I went through the motions of preparing and filing a set of abbr accounts, only for nothing to happen.  By 'nothing' I mean: there's no evidence that a set of accounts ever left the PC to go to CH, but IRIS is convinced it sent them, so it won't send another one in case it affects the first set.  I'm presented with two error messages, one saying that there was a fatal error (due to no info being found) and the other saying that the accounts have been submitted and are pending.  It's a loop of death.

I'll be calling IRIS support later today and I'm sure they'll sort it all out.  I just mention it as I'm wondering whether anyone's seen this before (or since the upgrade).  It seems more like an isolated glitch than a system-wide bug.


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Hi WS - yes, had the same yesterday, sent 3 sets of accounts and got notified of 1 & 3 arriving but nothing for #2.  We have Company Sec and this is a far better way to review submissions and so, in the forms tab, there were the set of accounts with an Accepted status.

It feels like the AP end of the scanner doesn't seem to show a pending status and then hold onto the accpounts once accepted, so if you happen to be 5 mins late in looking they have been accepted & vanished.

I'm in touch with iris over this as I'd rather not have to keep firing up Co Sec to check.

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CH efiling status

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It does appear as though, at the moment, we should not rely too much on the "Submit CH Efile accounts"  or "E-filing Scanner" screens to keep an eye on the progress of the accounts with Companies House.

All mine have been accepted and you can either see this in (of all places) the Posting ¦ Posting Entry Status screen or can run the "Status Audit Report" at the bottom of the reports menu, which you can filter to just show accounts.  I have to admit I've never used this before because I thought it had something to do with the Auditor reports, which we've never used!

Finally, if the actual ixbrl reports don't look right and you have to play with the fonts, you'll probably have to change these in the Advanced Settings of the Reports "Group Setup" screen rather than in the general "Chnge Setings".  In ours, no matter what you do, the general change settings always revert to Times New Roman which, in Croydon, left with the Romans about 1600 years ago!


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Just a little thing!

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Watch out for a small anomaly with the automatic stage completion within the Accounts Production job "Electronic Accounts Submitted to Registrar of Companies".

We hadn't been using this and so I changed the job profile to take advantage of it but when it actually happens (ie when you submit the accounts to Cos Hse), rather than tick the correct accounts job it generates a brand new one with a year end one day short of the true one and ticks the stage in that one.

So, when I submitted 31 March & 30 April sets of accounts last week I suddenly acquired an extra AP job on each client, one with a year end of 30 March and the other 29 April.  So had to untick the stage, clear any assignments and delete the job, then manually tick the stage in the true one.

Iris knows about it and suggests not using this auto completion till it's fixed.


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