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Israeli nuclear strike submarine built & funded by Germany

Read this in The Sunday Times.

The story has been brewing for several months but, even though it's common knowledge that Germany is funding part of this one and has funded previous ones, this is the first time I've seen it written that the funding is part of German reparations for second world war crimes.

So, just to get it straight, because of war crimes against the Jews, Germany is giving Israel £160M to spend on a weapon of war for Israel to threaten, with nuclear devastation, Iran, who maybe thinking of also getting nuclear weapons (perhaps because Israel already has them?).

Digging deeper, the parent company of the German manufacturer used slave labour during WW2 and 4.5% of its shares are owned by? You'll never guess.....The Iranian state.

For G*d's sake Scotty beam me up.



and Greece - war claims of £130bn against Germany .....

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and so matters move forward

'.. Nazi resistance fighter Manolis Glezos, now 89, says Germany plundered Greece for the equivalent of £138billion in the 1940s. "They grab us by the throat for the debt — let's do the same to them for the reparations, ..'

The idea is a set-off - Germany stumps up £130bn (from their own resources) and Greece calls it quits !

Ridiculous ? - what's OK for Israel .... good for the goose … etc.

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