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Ixrbl filing with Companies House

Can the VT Final accounts, once generated into ixbrl format be uploaded directly to Comapnies House for filing purposes. If yes, how? If no, is this liekly to a future development?


Thank you


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Not at the moment    2 thanks

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Excerpt from their website:

For release by March 2013
E-filing of accounts with Companies House will be implemented, for both VT workbooks and DIY accounts.

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vt to coho...?

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yo, please........



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Bring it on

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Until then I find it easier to send a printed signed copy of abbreviated accounts in the post to companies house! Less hassle

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posting signed accts is looooooooooads harder than filing onslime - you have to find the director, get him off his yacht, teach them to write, etc....

Thanks for your replies. I

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Thanks for your replies. I suspected I was being a bit optimistic. Hopefully to follow as I think VT is missing a trick here: it's rivals can do it, so why not VT?

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Signing accounts

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I am sure abelljms is tongue in cheek, but accounts have to be physically signed anyway, even where the Registrar's copy is filed onlne. 

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VT filer woooo woooo !!!!

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yep the new dawn is here now.


VT provide an handy utility to now e-file straight out of VT accts ot coho.


PS. Sorry about the instructions, but i don't work for them !



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accts signing

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i think a survey should be done on the topic of accounts signing, and indeed tax return signing.

the world needs to know whether actual reality is same as official reality.....


Ixrbl filing

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Hi all

Thanks for your various comments. I am pleased to say that VT have triumphed again and the new VT filer works a treat - check it out!

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