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joke friday 23.9.11



Nelson Mandela,in prison for

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Nelson Mandela,in prison for 25 years,out for 14 and he has'nt re-offended ,which goes to show prison works.

A Rapper's Riddle

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If Eminem appeared in a cartoon/comic with Charlie Brown and Snoopy, would that make him a Peanut M&M?

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A joke

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I said to my son, "Where you going?"
He said, "I'm off to meet a girl."
I said, "Don't forget to wear a... you know."
He said, "What?"
I said, "You know."
... He said, "Do you mean a condom?"
I said,"No, a hat you ginger!"




Told by a ginger friend of mine, if that makes it better?

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