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For sometime now I am trying to learn Macros and give up as it gets complicated. I don't know much about Macros ( just some basics) and still looking for a good book to learn Macros from scratch and master it.. Would anyone recommend any books or learning CDs? 

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In the days before the internet I would have recommended a book.  But now I can find all the informations / tutorials I need on the web.

However, here are some pointers (these are methods I used when learning):

  • I am sure that you are aware that you can record an macro.  Record a set of actions which you want to include in the macro, open the module and review the macro code generated.  This should give you a good idea of how to automate the actions.
  • A basic knowledge of programming is useful.  I.e. how to assign values to variables, perform conditional branching (if, then, else) and loops.  There are many tutorials for this on the web, make sure you choose one that is in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
  • Part of the problem is always understanding the object model of the application, i.e. how to address the parts of the application, for example how do you set the value of a cell?).  While the help is available on the web, you should make sure that the VBA help is installed (by default, it is often not installed).  To do this, you will need the Microsoft Office install disk, and re-run the install selecting the option to change installed components and then choose a custom install so that you can specify to install the VBA help.

If you require further help, please contact me.



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Years back

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I used "VBA for Applications in 21 Days"

It took more than 21 days, and I never actually finished, but it got me far enough in to be programming some fairly complex stuff

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