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Marketing for 2012

So I thought it would be nice to start a thread for 2012 aspirations :)

Anyone looking to do something new or different this year?


Is there some text missing?

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The post starts with "So".

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chatman wrote:

The post starts with "So".

It looks as if the tone is supposed to be conversational, maybe that's why it starts with so.

That can't be it.

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Why would that make it start with "So"? I would only start a conversational sentence with "So" if what I was saying was a consequence of what had been said before. Otherwise it is wrong.

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Didn't mean it was write

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Didn't say that it was right but some people speak and write in that manner.

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Maybe the real question should be...

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Has anyone yet started marketing in 2012, or are most of us still submerged under last minute self assessment tax returns to process?



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So ...

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Yes it was conversational.

Just my writing manner I guess.

I smile a lot too :)

I thought it would be nice to start a thread for marketing plans for 2012 with any thoughts or ideas to share for doing anything different or unusual.

There was a thread last year about a poster in a gym and I wonder how that worked out for that particular accountant.

Has the planning started for this year yet or is it something to think about on 1/2/12

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Hi Maxxy

I think the responses to your question about accountants' marketing plans for 2012, speak for themselves!

I have found that speaking to accountants (with one thankful exception!) during January is pretty much a waste of time. It seems to me that there must be a point during December and January when accountants wonder about generating new business from February 1 onwards ...


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You must be right Karen!

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Well, let's keep the thread open and see if any comments come around after Feb. 



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we are using a mix of online and print in 2012

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we are designing adverts for taxi seats about our tax return services, leaflets, a new styling for our 25th anniversary and are investing in a lot of online advertising like google ad words

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Mercia Tax App

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Just looked at the email flyer for Mercia Tax app that for £300 p.a. looked very reasonable as a marketing tool. Unfortunately, the flyer doesn't make clear that this is for the Apple app only and the Android app may be nigh same again. This means set up costs approching a grand (if you take advantage of the special offer and £600 p.a. costs. And Mercia have a habit of repeating set-up charges annually. Back to the drawing board and annual tax cards I think.


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