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Hi, I am qualified ACCA and possess the passion to start up my own practice firm. Though I have experience in accounts and finance including company tax, but as I have never worked in a practise firm. I have been advised by many to look for a mentor or a practise firm where from I can have invaluable hands on experience on how practise firm works etc. Can anybody suggest how I can get a mentor? Or a practise firm where I can associate myself? I am ready to do freelancing for them and devout all my free time to learn. Any help or advise will be very much appreciated.


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Hi. I have just started up my own practice with no previous practice experience. I am ACCA qualified and have a background at a senior level in industry.

I just decided to go for it. There is so much information online, that although it is scary, I feel sure I can do it. I am taking on clients quite slowly because I know it will take me longer to prepare the accounts and research. I spend a lot of time on sites like these, because you can learn so much from them.

I have really enjoyed the practical side of setting the practice up, it's been a challenge but very exciting. I do have days of self doubt, but I just keep pushing on, knowing that the more I learn, the better it will get.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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