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Mine's a pint!

Here's an idea for AWeb that came to me after recieving some useful info from a fellow AWeb member that has saved me hours of trawling.

Why not give every pints of virtual beer so when some gives valuable and helpful advice you can give them a pint, and likewise receive them too for advice given.

There could be a leaderboard to see who has the most pints and maybe a token prize at the end of the year.

( may be start with ten and can only give when you have pints in hand so you use them wisely)

Or, have beer, whisky and champane to allocate depending of the value of the advice

It was just a thought ... 



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jonsa | | Permalink

I am teetotal - so what do I get?


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Ah ... but ....

ShirleyM | | Permalink

How do we claim our 'pints' from anonymous members?

Isn't this just a variation on the 'thanks' button, or do you mean you want a sort of scoring system? I think it is ok as it is. People already whinge about use of multiple accounts, and 'gangs' of members getting together, over the 'thanks' buttons, so a real award would probably start WW3!

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A variation ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... I was thinking more that only the OP could award, and only one per thread, assuming they have ones to give, i.e when you give thanks your total would go down!

My be the bottom should have to but a real pint(s!) for the top one

Make that a perrier for Jonsa!

I would prefer gold bars and

uktaxpal | | Permalink

I would prefer gold bars and definitely not scottish notes !

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May be we could use ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... choclit for the laay-dies

I am only allowed 21 units a

beanjuggler | | Permalink

I am only allowed 21 units a week and must not binge

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Excellent idea ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... we can only allocate 3 drinks a day - beer = 1 unit, champagne = 2 units and whisk(e)y = 3 units!

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Democratus | | Permalink

Honestly now, have you been drinking?

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I wish ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

...need a clear head this time of year!



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That's a great idea!  And

cardinalcall | | Permalink

That's a great idea!  And since I have received your great advice, I am now going to imbibe a pint myself.  Please have one on me, too.

And here's another idea:  why not give them a toke from a joint, too, and join them in a smoke, as I am doooing at the moment....

And, let's see, here's some moore advice,.,may be a shot or two of Chevas Regal with a pint and a toke...or 2....boy, goode stuff arooo

Then mooore pintss...shotts,...another joint for the roooad.....wow


The cup that cheers but not

gailpurvis | | Permalink

The cup that cheers but not inebriates

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