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Minor authorisation point

Feel a bit sheepish, because it is pretty obvious really.

For new tax credit claimants we have over the years been doing this:  Complete claim form.  Complete 64-8.  Fire off claim form in post to Preston.  Fire off 64-8 in post to Newcastle at the same time.  End of.

Then 6 months down the line we are "surprised" to note that we are not authorised for the client in respect of tax credits.  Why?  Because Newcastle process the 64-8 (on occasion they are up to speed) before the registration of the new claim has filtered through to them.  No claim in force, what to do with the 64-8?  Bin it.  It doesn't occur to them as slightly odd that an agent would bother to go to the time, effort and postage of completing a 64-8 for a non-existent claim, and that the most likely explanation for the apparent discrepancy is that a claim is pending at Preston.  And do they send it back to the agent saying that they have been unable to process it? Oh no.

Sure, our policy was, on reflection, pretty stupid.  We should know better, by now, how the machinery operates on the other side.  Now we send in the TC600 to Preston, get a 64-8 signed, hold onto the 64-8 for a couple of weeks, and then send it off to Newcastle.

But, seriously?



lost 64-8s

david5541 | | Permalink

this happens all the time,

CAA team which cant even be contacted by telephone and dont have a "reply to" address make the losing 64-8 mistake all the time.


6 months down the line you will find HMRC central mailing office in liverpool sent a letter to your client telling them the 64-8 was not completed incorrectly, and to complete it correctly and they are unable  to process it.

service eh?

no wonder its only rich kids running this country.

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