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Most Charitable Member of the Year - vote now!

Who do you think has been the most charitable, dedicated or deserving AccountingWEB member of 2012?

Comment below with your nominee and let us know and they could win the title (and prize!) as part of the AccountingWEB Community Awards.

If you want to vote for someone already nominated, simply click 'thanks' beneath the post. 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

ShirleyM's picture

Paul Scholes    4 thanks

ShirleyM | | Permalink

He has highlighted the ways in which we can help others. I would never have known about many of these ways of helping people, and the solution to many ethical problems (eg. banking) if it hadn't been for Paul.

Moonbeam's picture

Agreed - Paul Scholes Again

Moonbeam | | Permalink

He makes charitable work sound interesting!

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David Winch    1 thanks

taxhound | | Permalink

Also deserves a nomination.  He gives lots of great advice on a regular basis.

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