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Movember progress report

As a long-term moustache wearer, I have nothing but admiration for those taking part in the Movember ‘tache-growing campaign in aid of male cancer charities. Many men don’t like to shave, so it’s a good excuse to do so in aid of an important cause.

John's moustacheThe craze swept through our office, with 16 of my colleagues taking part. But what was I supposed to do? There were mutterings that I should shave mine off to start a new one in November, but my facial hair escaped unscathed when I visited Bristol at the beginning of the month. Instead, I decided to become a fellow traveller and am going for the walrus look by working on what the rules of the Handlebar Moustache club refer to as “graspable extremities” (see right).

Andy NorthAccountingWEB’s publisher Andy North is taking part, and bravely presented the Practice Excellence Awards last week with a two-week growth on his upper lip and what colleagues have dismissively termed a “soul patch” underneath.

“It’s not a soul patch, it’s an underscore,” Andy argues.

However, these charitable efforts are proving to be a burden for moustache-growing team members including Gary Flood (sporting an ‘30s, Art Deco-inspired look below). He can’t wait to cut it off - “well itchy”.

Neither can our publisher Andy, who says of his growth: “I loathe it. I don’t know how you live with it. I dream about shaving. I haven’t been able to kiss my wife for a month, she just cringes. But that’s normal…”

There’s less than a week to go, Andy, and you’re efforts will be rewarded on the Sift Moustache Afficonados donation page. But only one thing seems to pacify him at the moment.

“Stokdyk - we’re going to get you to shave it off next year!”

If you would like to support the Sift Moustache Afficionados, visit the Movember website and make a donation on their behalf. Funds raised go to charities working on research and awareness around prostate and testicular cancer. If you're taking part, let us see how you're doing by posting an image below  - you should be able to do so by clicking the square icon in the comment menu and loading an image up to our server. Then just double-click it to make it appear in your comment and choose how you want it to align.


a rum bunch indeed!

carnmores | | Permalink

keep up the good growth

Steve Holloway's picture

No challenge for me ....

Steve Holloway | | Permalink

If I should ever miss more than a day's shave then I tend to look like George Best did when he turned up after a three week bender in the seventies! I can push out a beard by frowning hard.

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