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MSOA v2009 export to SAGE 50 Accounts 2012 - HELP!

Good Afternoon Everyone.

We are in the process of moving from MSOA to SAGE but we are a little stuck as to how to export the date over?

Sage have provided us with the templates for us to put data into, but we have no idea on how to actually export the data to the templates in the first place.

Also, there is a template for the Nominal Record, but we don’t know where this is located in within MSOA. Do we actually need this?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. We did contact SAGE but as they don’t support MSOA they couldn’t provide any help.

Kind regards

Martin / Carol


Exporting to Excel from MSOA

Sian Gray | | Permalink

Having gone through this last year I can provide some help.

First export the information from MSOA to Excel using the basic reports. There is an export to excel feature on all the reports.You can export nominal legder codes, supplier lists, customer lists, sales & purchase invoices and credits etc.

You then have to use excel to alter the data into the format required for the Sage templates.

You need to enter the nominal structure first which is what you use the Nominal Record for. You cannot do anything on the system without setting this up first.

Next you upload the Supplier and Customer details.

Once all the basic information is in you can then start entering transactions.

If you're not sure what the Nominal Record is and if you haven't done anything like this before, I would seek some help from someone who has done this before and who can come to your office and work through it with you.

I hit a few problems even though I have quite a bit of experience with transferring to a new system, particularly with tax codes being different when trying to match invoices and payments that I'd downloaded. (I downloaded a years worth of transactions when I set it up to make it easier to run the year end).

Where are you in the UK?




Suppliers, Customers & Nominal Codes

Sian Gray | | Permalink

Just had a look at the reports.

If you click on Company, then chart of accounts, then click on the excel sign at the top it will transfer the nominal structure to excel.

Then click on Suppliers and the excel sign at the top and it will transfer your supplier list to excel. Do the same with customers.

Hope this helps.

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Speed up the import using Excel2Sage

ara.martirossian | | Permalink

After exporting the data to Excel, you may find it easier to use Excel2Sage which not only covers the Sage templates but adds the more important 'day to day' transactions such as Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Stock Invoices, Service Invoices, ...etc. You can find out how easy it is to use at and even download a trial copy to try first.

Good luck.

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