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'Must have' fun iPad apps

About to get an iPad2 and only have a short time to load it full of apps before I lose internet for a few days.  So what to put on it? 

Angry Birds is a must, there is a circuit board builder I was looking at on a demo iPad in a shop, I quite fancy that.  There is a star map app that looks quite cool.

Any suggestions?  I'll accept business ones too if you want to suggest some, but I am all about the fun!

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One for the rant thread ...

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... am I the only one that cringes every time I see or hear the (for want of a better description) word "App".

Makes me want to scream long and loud, must be old age!

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But if you must ...

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... MacDonalds have free WiFi so you could sit and load apps over a Big Mac!

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I like "App"

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Computers used to be a nerdy hobby where people spoke about RAM, CPU, applications and bios. Now computers are a properly mainstream part of everyday life, the terminology is changing to fit in with that.... I welcome the world of the app.

@Constantly Confused.... the most used app on my iPad is the Times - not free, but I love reading the Times on the Pad.  But mainly I use the standard apps - Mail, Safari and Calendar.

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Yeah but

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App is not a word, it is an abbreviation, which is lazy.

Further, it is an Americanism and is as bad as "season" to denote a television series, fall instead of autumn etc etc. and is what is taking the Great out of Britain!

And IMVHO, computers are still nerdy and for too many they are life, not just a tool! In the words of Arthur Weasley, ""Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain."

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Are you having a rant about abbreviations?  TV is an abbreviation - is that okay?  What about Brtain - and IMVHO?  You can't go around using "IMVHO" and not like "App" :)

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Most times it isn't even accurate -

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just a web page

I would expect an application to do something


p.s. as you can probably tell I don't do ipads etc

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I didn't say TV ...

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... no it is not acceptable.

Whenever I use IMVHO (or variants) it is firmly tongue in cheek and having a gentle dig at computerati, but that is obviously over your head, as was the Great Britain pun, and I would never abbreviate Britain to Brtain :oP

Finally, "You can't go around using "IMVHO" and not like "App" :) " could you give me the statute to which you are referring so I can check your interpretation.

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You say application ...

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... I say programme, you say application, I say link to a web page: let's call the whole thing off, init!

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As an aside

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Makes me laugh though - the americans love these punchy accronyms and abbreviations, but their literature! Just reading the last Thamas Covenant book, about one hundred and fifty pages in and it has hardly started - why use a sentence when ten chapters will do, talk about go on a bit, makes Hardy seem succinct and Emily Bronte veritably concise!

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My favourites

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The in-built app store's recommended games are all excellent (if a little pricey in some cases). Personally, I love the productivity and lifestyle applications like Epicurious, a cooking resource that you can also sync up with your iPhone (if you have one) to automatically generate a shopping list based on your planned recipes for the week.


By far the best game I've played so far is Osmos - really relaxing, wonderfully atmospheric and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Be sure to keep us updated with any gems you come across :-)

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Thanks :)

It has been updating for the past hour so no apps yet.  And I have 'accidently' registered the joint account card as the payment method, so half price apps! :)

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@Old grey

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You realise I'll be looking out for every abbreviation you use on Aweb now, just so that I can call you lazy.... :-)

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but ...

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... they will all be used TIC (tongue in cheek) :o)

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I love my iPad.

Choice functional apps:

iBooks, Kindle, Office 2 HD

Choice games (a mix of awesome and silly timewasters)

Angry Birds, Fieldrunners, Harbor Master, Coin Dozer, Zombie Cafe, Zombie Smash, Zombie Highway, Trade Nations, PvZ HD, Cut the Rope

The Ordnance Survey app is brilliant - your area map is about £30 but well worth it - we go off roading a lot and it's invaluable to point your location.



There are lost of apps you

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There are lost of apps you can use, it may be personal or business apps are always available, free or paid. Games are the most downloadable apps from the store.

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