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My client reference & clients on HMRC website

I have had a quick look through previous threads and couldn’t find anything on this, but apologies if this is duplication.

Firstly, whenever we send in a 64-8 to HMRC we always include our own client’s office reference (A001, A002 etc.).  HMRC never enter this on the website and we have to manually enter this on the website.

Is this a common issue and are HMRC doing anything to educate their processors on this?

Secondly, a number of the 64-8’s result in the client quickly being included on the HMRC website, some go through Government Gateway and we have to clear them through to the website and some of them fall into a black hole.

In the latter case, when we ring the Agent Helpline they invariably confirm that the 64-8 is in place and that we are recorded as the nominated agent, but they cannot explain why the client has not been added to our list on the HMRC website.

The matter always has to be referred to “technical” and no one has ever been able to explain to me why this continues to happen and whether there is anything I can do to prevent it happening in future.

Helpful suggestions welcomed.    


RE 64-8

pauljohnston | | Permalink

I too have found that the refernce number has not been included as shown on 64-8.  However highlighing the number in yellow sometimes  gets it on the list.

Worth a shot I suppose, I

TROGGY | | Permalink

Worth a shot I suppose, I just don't see why I should have to.

It is an HMRC form and agent reference box is on it, presumably for a reason.

It is surely just a question of them getting the data input side correct.


There are worse irritations

Jimlad | | Permalink

I also find it mildly irritating that the Agent ref does not get updated on the website from the paper 64-8.  However as I try whenever possible to use the online 64-8 (which does take note of agent ref), and as on the rare occasions that I use a paper 64-8 I can personally update the agent ref on line once the authority has been granted, I have to stress that I find this only a mild irritation.

Far more irritating, I find, is that having got our agent ref recognised or updated on the online record, by whatever route, HMRC seems studiously to ignore it in various items of written correspondence to us.  Imagine the furore if we were habitually to omit the tax ref of clients when writing to the tax office! Double standards, I say.

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