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To my male compadres

I stumbled over this interesting challenge!



Does it make a difference if you have sound on?!

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

I enjoyed the view without sound so I've no idea what the point of the clip was in detail. I'm not one for challenges - I prefer a gentle hobby like people-watching :)

is it me or does she have a vague resemblence to Beth Jordache from Brookside (brings back memories of THAT kiss)? It was nearly distracting me. But luckily I maintained my focus.

I can highly recommend - I like the song but I can see why I continue to support the Fins despite their poor record on the field :) And now if you'll excuse me I think I may have to support my team's cheerleaders again!!

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Impossible indeed

The VAT Doctor | | Permalink

Probably wrong to say this, but isn't the point of a dress like that precisely to attract attention?

Of a more home grown variety, the Crystal Palace cheerleaders with the same song

I also spotted this great parody!

Thanks for this (also trying to not think about Beth Jordache)

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Youtube prudish?

stepurhan | | Permalink

The VAT Doctor wrote:
Of a more home grown variety, the Crystal Palace cheerleaders with the same song

In a bizarre piece of timing at the first moment cleavage is on-screen (about 10 seconds in) one of those YouTube banner ads popped up and censored it.

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Quick fingers

The VAT Doctor | | Permalink

If you are quick, you can soon stop those ads!

And, you know it was going to happen...the same Cheerleaders do Gangnam Style...

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