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Naked accountants!

Roll up, roll up!

Somehow I seem to have started organising a charity calendar and yes, you know what I'm going to say next...

It was born on the AAT forums and at the current count we are 5 men short. The ladies calendar is currently full but reserves are always welcome.

That's right, 5 lucky AWeb users could be featured in the 2013 Naked Accountants Calendar!

It will of course be tasteful and as professional as this thing can be – we all have professional reputations after all and none of us want our clients to see too much! There will be no naughty bits on display... mostly. It all depends how everyone feels on the day, but there will be many a strategically placed large calculator and/or old fashioned ledger to cover up wobbly and other bits.

The website is here.

Please have a look and if you can't volunteer, make sure you buy a calendar for next year ;-)

By the way, we have young, old, big, small, there are no entry requirements other than to be an accountant, and to be either brave or able to overcome your shyness for one day.

Roll up, roll up, and get nekkid for charity!

All details on the website :)

Yours sincerely,

Miss October

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