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A new cold calling record?

Our home telephone was connected at 1:30pm yesterday (just moved in, new number and the lot).

First cold call came at 4:30.

Shall I inform Guiness?

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Not surprised

thisistibi | | Permalink

I've actually given up answering my phone when I see it's an 08xx number.  I've been getting repeated cold calls from HSBC (account review.... so they call it) and AA recently.  Along with overseas companies trying to sell compensation for mis-sold loan insurance.  At least they don't call at night (yet).

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Wait for it - they will.

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thisistibi . At least they don't call at night (yet). 


We received a fax at 3AM one morning - trying to sell us tickets to watch some band I've never heard of at the Millenium Dome. 

I can also absolutely guarantee that my 'phone will ring at 5pm every day with some Indian trying to sell me insurance/ investments/ fix my computer/ etc etc.

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New one today - market research

Marion Hayes | | Permalink

Automated call asking to do market research and offering to opt out by pressing 9.

Had automatically pressed it before thought I should have seen if it was a real person. Hope by pressing didn't start anything.

Was told last time I complained about them ringing as we are signed up to TPS that it doesn't include surveys


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Does TPS actually do anything to reduce unwanted calls?  Everything I have heard indicates that it does not.

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TPS    1 thanks

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Can't speak generally but we were getting hundreds of calls a month and when we signed up they virtually stopped. It is also good at shutting up any calls that are made - apart from the annoying man from India who is from Windows- ha ha

He rang 3 times in one afternoon -

call 1 - said was Jack - I said fed up telling you not to ring and hung up

call 2 - about half hour later said was Andrew - I said I am not that stupid - you rang me earlier with a different name so go away and hung up.

call 3 - 5 min later - to tell me he hadn't rung me earlier saying he was Andrew - I said so how do you know the name then? This time he hung up and touch wood hasn't rung for a couple of weeks now


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I signed up to the TPS a few years ago and the level of cold calls dropped dramatically. By contrast I work for 3 hours each week at a Family History Centre based at my local church and can guarantee 1-2 cold calls per session.

At home, for the odd call, the best solution is my son when he is around. He has more free time and likes to string them along. He enjoys it and it wastes the time of the cold caller - a double win! 

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Never answer    1 thanks

zarathustra | | Permalink

I never answer the home telephone now. Wouldn't bother with it if it wasn't part of Broadband/sky package

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TPS does work / Guinness / Duck drinking

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And if you still get a call form someone just ask to speak to their supervisor and confirming that you are TPS registered. They soon get the message.

I only get calls from my bank trying to sell insurance, but it's easy to say no. Suspect wifey ticked something on a form.


What's the reason for calling Guinness? Are you ordering drink for a housewarming party? Can we all come? What do ducks drink anyway? All I can come up with is Egg Nog. Surely there's a better pun out there....anyone?

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You just wanted to point out I spelled 'Guinness' wrong didn't you :p

I meant to let them know my new world record!  And I drink water mixed with Absinthe, but that might just be me.

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Constantly Confused

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I've found just the drink for you -





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@CC Water with Absinthe!

Democratus | | Permalink

That might explain the odd avatar!

Never meant to raise any doubts about your spelling abilities. (Honest ;-) )

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What's this TPS?

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

Is it like Dettol, and makes nasty germs go away? Don't want no colds calling here, far too much work to do!

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Cold calls

Monsoon | | Permalink

TPS is great, as is the CTPS for work. Drop that into conversation to the stray cold caller who slips through the net and they backtrack faster than you can say "Can I speak to the senior decision maker please?"

My favourite cold call technique was a retiring solicitor who, on recieving a cold call, would turn it into a sales call, "Ah, so what can I help you with, young man. Would you like a will?" etc. He wouldn't listen to a word they said, acted utterly oblivious and treated it as a new client enquiry. Loved it.

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