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New HMRC forms - how significant?

This from the HMRC website this week. Are the changes just administrative improvements are might there be more significant effects for accountants?

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is reviewing forms MLR 100, MLR 101, MLR 102 and MLRRCT1 and will introduce updated versions of these forms in the near future. As part of this review the MLR 102 will be merged with the MLR 100.

These updated forms are being designed to be as easy as possible for you to fill in. The questions will also be designed to fit your personal circumstances in response to your answers, so you won't have to answer questions that are not relevant to you.

Help buttons will be included next to some questions which you will be able to click to show or hide help for that question. You will also be shown a message if what you’ve entered appears to be wrong, or if you've missed a field that is required.

When the new MLR forms are introduced HMRC will no longer send copies of these forms to businesses that need to:

  • apply for MLR registration
  • apply for a fit and proper test (this applies to Money Service Businesses and Trust and Company Service Providers only)
  • tell HMRC about changes to their business

Instead the new forms MLR 100, MLR 101 and MLRRCT1 will be available from the HMRC website. You will be able to download the forms, save them to your computer and fill in the forms on screen (you will no longer have the option to fill in the forms by hand). When you have finished you will need to print off the forms, sign and date them before sending them to HMRC.


Survey on behalf of HMRC money laundering registration.

robert Garrod | | Permalink

I was phoned at the end of an afternoon by someone who was doing a survey on behalf if HMRC.

They started to ask a lot of ethnic questions.

I refused to continue.

When I contaced the MLRO registration office they claimed that the survey was bgus

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