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Newly registered for SA

when you register someone as a new SA case, you, and they get a letter saying a return will be issued. All well and good, but it doesn't state the year, and the website isn't updated at that point to show if anything has been issued. So you can be in the position that a return is issued for the prior year (not necessarily with good reason).

Client thinks you get copies of everything, doesn't send you the notice to deliver, and ends up in a penalty position.


Can we please have the first year returns required for in the letter? Is it too much to ask?


Yes i also know this is only an issue where the return gets issued for the year BEFORE any chargeablity arises, but it does happen.

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Copies of everything

petersaxton | | Permalink

HMRC are trying to save money and causing big problems.

My clients get all sorts of documents from HMRC that I never see. As you say, clients think agents get copies of everything. HMRC say clients should send copies to agents. Why don't HMRC stop messing about and send copies of everything to agents as well as clients?

Notices to file etc

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1. As soon as you register as agent you can look at the "tax return options" screen. This will tell you if there are any notices to file lurking unseen.

2. Don't even dream that HMRC has any intention of reinstating withdrawn agent hard copies. HMRC has changed for ever - get used to it!

Notices to file

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No Leon you can't not until someone actually sends the return out, which was the problem I had with two new dozy clients. In that case I got the letter, checked nothing issued. Few weeks later I get 2010 penalty notice, because they'd issued a return, in this case correctly, and the 3 month period had expired. Client didn't send it here, we didn't act for that year so didn't have all the income details, and didn't reply to our new client letter. their fault I know but a date in the initial letter would mean we know the penalty deadline for the late issue returns

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How hard is it ...

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... for HMRC to send us e-mail copies/have them available on the gateway of everything they send the client.

It will cost them next to nothing, but it is too hard obviously!

OGA is right

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I don't want hard copies of everything, (Particularly the CT payslips with a different client on the reverse rather than the how to pay info, as I had recently).

all we need is proper oh REAL TIME Info,. like HMRC want for PAYE. they send a letter saying returns will be issued just say which is the first one you intend to issue and we can all get on with meeting deadlines.

Soft copy codes, notices to deliver, statemetns etc.

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I would prefer emails of copies sent to my clients but if not then have copies on the website and emailed notification.

As a last resort hard copies of anything sent to my client.

Well just looking at WT45,

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Well just looking at WT45, and apparently the letter IS going to show the first year required.

Still like other stuff online tho.

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