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Nominal ledger activity Line 50 2011

Recently installed 2011

Previously (2008) Nominal Ledger balances appeared in a full list of of debits/credits and by highlighting an individual account I could use the activity button to see postings

Now (2011) I cannot get full listing of balances other than by using Analyser and expanding it but if I then highlight an individual account and click activity 

I get a blank screen.

I can get activity to work if I use the List option but this is less convenient than what I was doing in 2008 version


Any suggestions welcome



Nominal Activity

johndon68 | | Permalink

The Activity screen reacts to which ever code is selected in the List view rather than the Analyser view which is why you are getting a blank screen.  It gets even worse if you go to list, select a code and then go back to the Analyser, select a different code and then select Activity as you get the activity for the code that was selected in the list which is, of course, different to the code selected in the Analyser.

The only way to view the Activity via the Analyser is to select the Rcord option and then the Activity tab on the record.

v2008 works in the same way so I'm not sure what you mean by v2011 being less convenient...


Nomnial Activity

Carolynne | | Permalink

I use Version 11 Sage, and wonder if its this:  

Above the top of the list of nominal codes, there are heading N/C, Name, Debit, Credit Then above that, some boxes with Chart of Accounts, Display, Variance, then Layout.

In the box layout, mine says LIST.

This gives a full list of nominal which when you highlight, you can select activity from the top, putting in a range for dates etc.  Thus gaining a list of activities within that nominal coding.


If this box says  Analyser, it just gives totals of groups of nominals.


Hope this helps.

Sage line 50 2011 Nominal Ledger Activity

Plymouth | | Permalink

Thanks folks

Accessing activity via the record tab works fine but the quicker way I described from version 2008 definitely works and to my surprise also works on 2011 in another company.

In company A choosing the List option shows a list without any balances

In company B choosing the List option shows the debit/credit balances for every account and by highlighting an individual account you can use the activity tab and it works perfectly without having to detour via the record tab

I cannot understand how 2 different layouts are appearing.



Nominal List

johndon68 | | Permalink

Plymouth wrote:

In company A choosing the List option shows a list without any balances

I assume that it is Company A that you have the problem with - the list should, by default, show all codes regardless of a balance or not so it may be that there is a filter on the list (which would explain what you are seeing).  At the top right of the list is a magnifying glass - click on this a couple of times until the text to the left reads 'All Records' - do this even if it already says All Records.  All your nominal codes and their balances should then appear.


Nominal ledger activity

Plymouth | | Permalink

Thanks for your continued interest but clicking the magnifying glass does not cause the balances to appear I'm afraid.


johndon68 | | Permalink

Just to confirm, when you go to the Nominal List, you can see the nominal codes and names but the Debit and Credit columns are completely blank?


Nominal activity

Plymouth | | Permalink

Yes - I get codes, names , a column headed account type but no mention of debit, credit or balances.

Nominal Columns

johndon68 | | Permalink

In which case, the column headers have been customised as, by default, the columns should be N/C, Name, Debit & Credit, the Account Type column does not show by default.

Right click on any of the column headers and you'll get a list of columns that are available.  Select the Debit and Credit columns from the menu and they will appear in the list...


Nominal activity

Plymouth | | Permalink

Problem solved, John, thank you for your kind assistance

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