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Not the cleverest fraud

I was amused to read of an insurance fraud in which a 'widow' claimed on her husband's life insurance.

He had died overseas and been cremated.  She had the death certificate to prove it.

Unfortunately for her, her 'dead' husband's fingerprints were found on his own death certificate.  Ooops!


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How was that achieved?

Caber Feidh | | Permalink

I am intrigued.

Who thought to check the birth certificate for fingerprints and who had the husband's prints on their records? Was the "deceased" already a convicted criminal?

Signing your own death warrant ?

The Black Knight | | Permalink

Some of these frauds are so stupid.

Always amuses me how people think they will get away with it.

Presumably the insurance company were suspicious any way ? They can't test every death certificate.

Or did he die overseas in his favourite canoe as well !

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Really stupid

cathygrimmer | | Permalink

Evidently he carried on using his former employer's discount card - that's what alerted them to the fraud.



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