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I've just received an email saying:


"Please be advised that one or more Tax Notices (P9) have been issued."

I go to the page and there's no P9s.

I have to change the tax year from 2011-2012 and search 2012-2013.

Isn't this the most ridiculous idea?

Why not simply show the P9s issued which caused the email to be sent?

Why have to search?

How many people will be confused and not act on the hidden P9s?


Notices of coding

debrahuzzard | | Permalink

I have also found they were issued outside of the range given for "recent" eg email came 5 March, on opening up page said no new notices but under "recent" the default started on 27/2, the notices were actually issued on 25/2. So as well as trying different years you need to extend the date span being searched.  Yes it would be lovely if the email could say which notices had been issued and for which payroll client. This aspect could be made a lot easier for us. However, it is great to be able to see SA clients notices of coding so somethings are moving forward!

much easier to use the PDV

accountright | | Permalink

So much easier to use the HMRC desktop viewer.  Here is the link




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They also put them alphabetical ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... and not in order issued, and if another on comes on a company that had one a couple of days prior just the number of notices changes - thank God my Earnie payroll polls for them and picks them up automatically!

desktop viewer doesnt work

Homeworker | | Permalink

I installed the desktop viewer ages ago and it worked to begin with but does not seem to be picking up any new notices now!

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rockallj | | Permalink

The desktop viewer was updated a few months ago.

I suggest you uninstall and reinstall or update it and your downloads should restart.

It worked for me.

It worked    1 thanks

Homeworker | | Permalink

Many thanks rockallj.  This has worked and I will be using it again now as it is much quicker than going through the usual route.

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Desktop viewer

taxhound | | Permalink

One issue I have with this is that quite a few of my clients' names are not listed in the name field.  I just have the PAYE ref.  So when I download the paye notice if it is for an employee of a client I am not familiar with I have to do a search on PAYE ref no to find out which employer it relates to...


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Problems with PDV

Euan MacLennan | | Permalink

Although the PAYE Desktop Viewer is much better than logging into HMRC Online Services to find recent notices, I find two main problems with it:

  1. Every time I get an e-mail (every day at this time of year) and download notices, it downloads all the Employer's Notices to file P35s and entitlement to incentives from previous years (but no coding notices).  I then have to archive everything up to 2010/11 to remove all the prior year stuff and see just the genuine new unactioned notices.
  2. Like Taxhound, I have several nameless PAYE schemes and also, several where the name appears, but is not indented.  These all seem to be closed schemes or even, ex-clients.  For all the live PAYE schemes, the name is indented within the column.  Does anyone know how to get rid of the dead schemes?  Deleting the client from your agent list on PAYE Online does not do the trick.

I am also surprised that we are getting lots of individual 2012/12 P9 coding notices but so far, I have not received a single 2011/12 Employer's Notice to file a P35

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