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We were having a conversation in the office recently about numbers and thier strange significance sometimes. Anyone got any examples? Here's one to start with:

Hearts and Hibs met in the Scottish Cup Final this season for the first time in over a century. The date of the final was 19-05-12.

The last time Hibs won the Scottish Cup was in 1902.

Drop the digits 1902 from the above date, and what are you left with?

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The score

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I think that if you try hard enough you can always come up with something.

Bible Code - predictions ...

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There is a whole area surrounding the Bible (original in Hebrew) Code and predictions encoded within the text

The original Hebrew text was written as 'wrap around' with no punctuation etc. and for sometime now people have been running computer programs against the text to see if they can reveal more information. These programs have algorithms that skip defined numbers of characters and take other approaches in attempts to 'decode' an underlying meaning in the Bible - hence the title 'Bible Code'

Believe Eli Rips is the authority in this area

and people even say that the text is in a similar form to DNA coding (strands)

Some of the results are quite startling, although, the question has always been whether if you try enough permutations you will get something that makes sense (random monkeys & Shakespeare)

Nevertheless it is fascinating

Just type into Google - 'Bible Code'

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I was going to start a thread similar to this, but thought it a bit geeky (i.e., right up my street :) )


I was going to start a game, where we start with a result (the end of WW2 for example) and then used something (say The Bible) to predict it.

I'm of the opinion people (read: educated and intelligent people) can manipulate innocent data to give any result (isn't that the whole idea behind accountancy after all? ;) )

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