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ODBC problem

I am using Sage ODBC Driver version  When viewing several of the larger databases in MS Access I get a 'reserved error (-7666)' when I open the AUDIT_USAGE table and go to the last record and all data is shown as '#Name?'.  I have re-indexed and compacted the data.  Is this a bug in the ODBC driver?  Any ideas on how to resolve it?


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i think you should try with

rajanichintan009 | | Permalink

i think you should try with rebuilt ODBC query ..is you find any sage error in check data? 

ODBC problem

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There are no Sage errors - I had tried that already.  I don't think I need to rebuild the query as I was attempting to open it in table view.  I got the same error when I tried a query 'select * from AUDIT_USAGE'.

Again, is there a known bug with the ODBC driver?  Will it be cured by upgrading to Sage 2013?



No known bug

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There are no bugs I'm aware of that would cause this so I don't think an upgrade to 2013 would make any difference.

Does the problem occur if you pull the data in to Excel instead?


ODBC problem

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Thanks for the pointer.  Excel extracted the data properly.  I then re-linked the table.  When Access asks for the Unique Record Identifier, I usually just click OK as I am not going to update the table.  This time I choose the USAGE_NUMBER field and this solved the issue!!

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Problem with ODBC v18

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I had a problem using an "in" type SQL subquery with the above driver, which produced no results, yet it did not complain about the syntax either.

Solved the problem by reverting back to the version from the original sage disk (version

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