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ODBC Setup Help Please

Hello again.  While I'm here I thought I'd ask another question I've been avoiding dealing with!

I recently upgraded my PC with a Windows 7 64bit one, replacing Windows XP.  I managed to set up all five Companies with ODBC links to run reports on Windows XP, but I just can't seem to manage it with Windows 7!  I have the first Company set up OK, but none of the other four.  It's Sage 50 2010.

Any advice greatly appreciated!


Many thanks



ODBC 64bit

stevehwuk | | Permalink


You will need to create new odbc drivers pointing to the data sets as needed. Being a 64bit version of Windows, you will find these via odbcad32 which you can find in the syswow folder inside of windows as the Sage drivers are 32 bit. 

This should help??



Sage 200 - which database & where are the data tables?

KieranKissane | | Permalink

I have an ODBC connection setup to the 'master' database within Sage 200 - but I was expecting to see a whole list of tables including StockItem, SOPInvoiceCredit, SOPInvoiceCredit etc - where could I find this data?
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