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Sorry, just wasted an irretrievable half hour of my life trying to get Authorisation for a new client.

I have his notice to complete a Tax Return, I have correspondence regarding his CIS registration, I have correspondence regarding his Class 2 NI - all have exactly the same UTR, NINO and postcode, so why the feck does it keep failing?

I phone the helpline, I put my left leg, left leg out, in out, in out, I shake it all about - but still nothing.

Because i am not agent though, they cannot tell me what is wrong so my client will have to waste half an hour of his life in a phone call he will not have a clue about to hopefully sort this out.

Not against security, but why not have a better system, say rather than sending a PIN to the client why not send a data sheet to them with the data HMRC hold and ask the client to verify it/

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they will do that

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They will send out the data to the address they have on file if asked.  I think the prize for 2011 Jobsworth of the year goes to this guy:

Me:  What postcode do you have on the client record?

Him:  I am not allowed to tell you that.

Me:  I suggest it is blank, i.e. HMRC has not filled in a postcode for this client.

Him:  You may be correct.

Me:  Could you please add the postcode to the bottom of the address?

Him:  That's not in our procedures.

There followed five minutes of this guy moving Heaven and Earth and leaving no stone unturned in a successful effort to take no action as a result of this phone call.

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Have you tried

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Leaving the postcode blank?  This sometimes seems to work...

Blank postcodes..

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...are certainly an issue on the CT authorisation procedures.

Failed consistently until client rang and got postcode entered - then worked first time

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I have tried all sorts ...

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... you can't omit post code as it is a mandatory code and to do so make the screen go red and melt!

Client has duly wasted half hour of his life, we know what they have there now and just have to wait three days for the system to update!


Pass the case details on to your....

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working together rep. These are the kind of issues we are asked to report real examples of so that they can see why it is going wrong.

No help now but could lead to a fix later

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Leave out the ni number

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Will it work if you leave out the NI number - postcode is for CT fun and games.....

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taxhound wrote:

Will it work if you leave out the NI number - postcode is for CT fun and games.....

Client has phoned, it was the postcode I think that was the problem.

I had similar the other day, when I asked client to check the details we found out HMRC had the old agent as her address and everything went there, but the husbands stuff went to their home!

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The answer is not to become beguiled by technology. Complete a 64-8, get your client to sign it, put it in an envelope, affix a stamp to the envelope, and put the whole thing in a pillar box (oh and keep a photocopy).


Job Done.


NEVER NEVER ring a helpline. Any helpline. Get a life.

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All well and good Anna ...

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... but my natural scepticism makes me think Longbenton won't process a paper 64-8 before 31/01/12!

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Not my experience. Only issue I have had ( I am an IFA and so deal with lots of non SA clients) is that they will not give online access to non SA clients. Despite the functionality w.e.f. ??/10/2011 to online access to PAYE Notices of Coding.Seems illogical to me, but there you go.

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new client authorisation -suggestion for Dave H

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Much as Albrecht spots the golden glow as the sun begins to rise in Das Rheingold why can’t the Rhine maidens, in the form of HMRC, notify us when a new client authorization appears on the web?

Can I suggest

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manually sending in the tax return with 64-8 attached an explanation as to why it cant be done manually.

If an appeal is necessary so be it

Not the best fix but sadly if you put it in late I have found it much harder to get the penalty overturned.

One day HMRC will allow us to allocate a new utr without the dance.

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maybe a previous agent....

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I was unable to register somene for online SA, it turned out they were already registered with another agent. Now we send the 64-8, wait a month then apply for the online authorisation (makes it much easier to see the clients' statement and their payments on account etc).


I read somewhere that if you didn't have an individual's UTR but you did have the NINO you could file with all 9s instead, does anyone know if that will work?


I am having a similar battle with a company UTR. HMRC wouldn't give me the number over the phone even though we are the agent, I am waiting for a paper copy to the registered address - our office fortunately...

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Is sorted now

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For some reason, despite all other correspondence going to the client's home, on epiece went to his parents, tried the online authorisation with that and it took it!

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