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Online software for charity

My church currently uses Quicken (not my choice!) as its accounting software. The treasurer has decided to upgrade and is looking at online software, as there will be three people accessing the data regularly. Does anyone have any suggestions for software that might be suitable for charities?

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Having reviewed the various online offerings as a practice we have aligned ourselves solely with xero. The software offers all of the functionality required in a cohesive package and the monthly subscription allows multiple user access.

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Central Accounting ERP

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ceconnell, you might want to look at - you get a five user system for the price of a mobile 'phone contract, and it has functionality that helps with the ACEVO full cost recovery guidelines. Regards, Paul

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Aqilla is a modern web based accounting solution well suited to the needs of charities and other not for profit organisations (see  A straight forward to use document centric approach to accounting provides Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, General Ledger, Cash Matching, Sales Invoicing, Purchase Invoicing, Time Sheet, Expense Processing, Project Costing and Budgeting functionality across an almost unlimited range of analysis including full support for SORP reporting, protected / unprotected and other hypothecated funds allocation by activity, branch or project.

Aqilla offers special incentives for registered charities and other social enterprises which provides for a complete, multi functional commercial system from as little as £25/month, with discounted installation fees.

There are no other up front licence fees and no other annual maintenance costs / support fees. Do get in contact if you want to find out more.

Church accounts are different from business accounts,

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Church accounts are different from business accounts, you often have lots of “pots” of restricted funds; you also have to process gift aided donations.  However you don’t have many if any “sale invoices” or “quotes”.  It is also not uncommon to have “trusts” when you can only spend the income.

The accounting standard and rules can also be different for each denomination, so if the church is a member of a denomination, talk to other churches in your denomination of about the same size.  The charity commission also have rules you must keep too.  Yet you need to present the account in a way that all the church members can understand.

Most accountants get a shock when they first have to do a set of church accounts for a complex church!  (And have agreed to do them for free.)

There are lots of custom software packages aimed at churches,  I don’t have experience of any of them.  A quick Google for “gift aid account” or “church account” brings up a few option, however be careful not to use software aimed to the USA unless you know how to bend it to the UK way of working.

Given the normal low number of transaction a spread sheet if you know what you are doing may be the best option, however I like the ideal of a web based system so you don’t need to print our reports every month for a lot of people.

Thank you for the advice

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We're going to take a further look at Xero. I hope the tagging facility will allow us to cope with restricted vs unrestricted fund accounting.

I wasn't sure whether PUREaccountants had been successfully using Xero with charity clients?

Whilst some people can use spreadsheets successfully and happily, I'd prefer to use accounting software - particularly with three people entering data.

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